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Getting The Most Out Of Recruiters

Author: Mike Scaletti

Some people have an idea that recruiters like those who work at The Job Shop are only valuable if you are looking for a high level executive position. The reality is that this concept couldn't be further from the truth. Recruiters help staff positions at all levels in every industry, and if you are looking for a new job they could be a valuable asset for you, and if you follow these steps you will get the most out of working with them.

Get Noticed

The first step to getting the most out of working with a recruiter is getting one to notice you. You can approach most staffing agencies directly (feel free to send your resume over to, we'd love to take a look at it!), but if you want to cast a wider net then you need to make sure you are set up to be seen. Make sure your resume is up to date, and then put it on platforms that recruiters use.

Recruiters use many tools to find qualified candidates, but two of the most common and most popular are LinkedIn and Indeed. If you have yourself listed as looking or open to work, your contact information is correct and clear, and your resume and LinkedIn profile are well put together and up to date, chances are a recruiter will end up reaching out to you for potential work, and it's always nice to feel wanted!

Make Sure You Fit Well

Once a recruiter has reached out to you, it's time to decide if they are someone you want to work with. Getting to know your recruiter early, and making sure they know you, will keep anyone's time from being wasted.

Be sure to ask the right questions. What industries do they have experience with? How long have they been a recruiter? What level positions do they typically recruit for. In addition, be sure to let them know the types of roles, pay levels, and opportunities you are open to pursuing, along with any other desires and deal breakers.

Finally, be aware of the type of agency you want to work with. Know how "hands on" you want your recruiter to be, and be wary of any agencies that charge a fee to work with you. Most reputable staffing agencies, like The Job Shop, are a free resource for candidates, and if one says that a fee is required to attempt to place you there is a chance it is a scam.

Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks

Working with a recruiter doesn't mean you'll never have to interview again. Many positions will still require an interview with the hiring client. A good recruiter will prepare you for that interview, letting you know what type of wardrobe is expected, where you can find information about the hiring company, what kind of interview to expect, brushing up on your resume and interview skills, as well as handy tips and tricks for the interview itself. This is all very useful information that only brings value if you listen to it. So be sure to pay attention!

Even if an interview isn't required, your recruiter will still help ensure you are set up for success in the position. Schedules, wardrobes, expectations, and duties are all pieces of information that a recruiter might be able to provide you about the role they are placing you in, and paying attention to that information and utilizing it could lead to you being asked back by the company, or even offered a permanent position!

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