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Getting Back on Track in the New Year

Author: Jojo Varona

The new year is coming and you want to get it started on the right track. With the uncertainty of the last couple of years, wouldn’t it be great to start the year on a positive momentum. This is THE YEAR you’re going to get things done and nothing will stand in your way.

So how do you keep the momentum going? Here are a few quick or easy-to-accomplish tasks that will build the foundation to help you keep that promise to yourself.

Clear Your Desk

This tip may sound silly, but it may be the best piece of advice you receive all year. Get rid of all paper on your desk. File or scan what you need and throw away the rest. When you de-clutter your workspace, you automatically clear your mind, allowing you to focus on what’s important. It’s like having a fresh start every day.

Set Your Goals

If you haven’t yet set your goals, now is the time to do it. In fact, this is your first goal of the year. And no, being “too busy” is not an excuse. Get it done by the end of this week. For goals to work, they must:

  • Be specific

  • Be measurable

  • Have a time limit

  • Be yours

  • Be in writing

Remember, too, that goals are for every area of your life. Think of it like a wheel that has spokes – each area of your life is represented by a spoke. Set goals in all spokes including:

  • Career

  • Financial

  • Spiritual

  • Physical

  • Intellectual

  • Family

  • Social

Create a Calendar

Put absolutely everything on a calendar, or you’ll never find enough time. Be intentional about work rest, recreation, exercise, and personal life.

Set a Plan and follow through

Now that you have set up your goals, how are you going to get there. Without a plan to make that happen, time can slip away. Don’t let that happen this year! Give yourself a timeline on when you want to accomplish your plan and keep plugging along.

Take a time out

Schedule a full day on your calendar without thinking of work and your goals. Keeps distractions to a minimum and allow your creativity to flow. What would be even better? No phones or email allowed. Just be in the moment.

If you follow these quick tips, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Have a great 2022!

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