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Get Paid!

Author: Tammy Doss

Your timecard:

Your timecard is an important document. You can find a template for the Job Shop timecard on our website here. The purpose of the timecard is simple. Complete it properly and you get a JOB SHOP PAYCHECK! Timecards are due to The Job Shop on Monday’s by 12:00 to get paid the following Friday.

Tips on completing your timecard:

Completely fill in your timecard with your legal name and last four digits of your social security number so we can easily identify YOU! Type or write legibly so that there are no questions about how many hours you worked, the lunch you took, and the temporary company your assignment was with.

Let us know you took all your breaks and lunches by initialing on the line. We must ask because it’s the law.

Job completed or ongoing: Check the appropriate box.

Mail or hold your check: Check the appropriate box. This is important so that your paycheck is not delayed.

We mail checks out on Friday afternoon for those that do not want to pick up their check in the office any time after 12:00 noon. We offer direct deposit for ongoing assignments. Check with your recruiter to see if you are eligible for this perk.

Dates, Totals, and Signatures:

The week ending date is always SUNDAY and should correspond with the daily dates at the top of the timecard. Totaling your hours worked less time you took for lunch breaks is crucial to completing an accurate timecard.

Regular Hours: Any hours up to 8.00 hours per day.

Overtime Hours: Any hours over 8.00 hours worked in a single day or above 40 hours worked in a week.

Double Time Hours: Any hours worked in a single day over 12.00 hours.

Rounding: The Job Shop policy for rounding minutes to the quarter-hour is consistent with State and Federal guidelines. An easy way to remember this is 8 minutes up and 7 minutes down and always to the quarter-hour.

Your signature and your supervisor’s signature are very important. We want to know that you and your supervisor agree with the hours you have worked on your timecard. Lack of signatures can delay the processing.

Treat your timecard like the CASH it will soon be:

Your timecard is the key to getting a JOB SHOP PAYCHECK. Treat it with respect and treat it like CASH!

If you need assistance completing your timecard accurately, we are here to help. Just give us a call at 415-227-8610 or you can find more information about timecards on our website.

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