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Finding Gratitude

The Job Shop took the time to reflect on 2020 and we have shared what we were grateful for in such a crazy year. No matter what is going on in your life it is truly amazing what you can find to be grateful for. We challenge you to take a moment and think of what you are grateful for and make sure if people are on your list they know! 2021 is going strong; let’s not forget all that we have and remember to reach out if someone needs a helping hand.

Mike G

2020 was a wild ride. A year that presented many challenges both good and bad. I've gone through many changes in that year, with moving, taking on new activities in the outdoors, and figuring out how to overcome challenges of a jobless world. I'm thankful for adapting to a crazy year, having a family that stayed healthy, and getting back to the type of work I love doing which is finding people jobs.


The Story to Hear, of my 2020 Year.

By Darcy Raven

2020 was an unexpected, unforgettable year.

And though we were in quarantine, I was filled with cheer.

All the free time was sublime.

I worked on myself, my art, and relaxed for that time.

I am grateful for the nearby park,

where I could get in shape from morning to dark.

I am grateful for my family, my foster cats and my boyfriend Mark.

2020 went by quick,

And so far COVID hasn’t gotten me sick.

Though the pandemic isn’t over yet,

I have made some good habits and goals have been set.

Cheers to 2021,

this year should be more fun!


2020 Looking Back I am Grateful For & Now 2021 Live Life BIG and Beyond

My life, no matter how I think it is, many people did not get a chance to make it as far as I have.

My husband, who is always there for me; all I must do is ask!

My dogs, they are always there ready to snuggle and lend an ear; even though I may have to give them a treat.

My Job Shop Family, always there, always working hard and always by my side.

My friends, this is the family I picked, and they picked me. They are priceless relationships, I treasure.

My/Our Lab Rescue Community, everyday I am truly amazed and GRATEFUL for what everyone does to help the dogs in need.

My strength, to overcome the obstacles that have been presented and I keep going.

My body, it’s healthy, a work in progress and I work on trying to keep it that way.

My laughter, to be able to extract humor from a situation, I love to hear people laugh.

My compassion, to always try to stop and give back in a variety of ways. You can always find someone to lend a hand, lend an ear or give a hug.

My time, to be able to be in the now and not worry about where I am running to.

My life, live life BIG and go out and seize what truly makes you happy and what you enjoy. Many have not had the chance to make it as far as you have.


2020 Grateful List

G – Gorgeous Grandchildren

R – Rest and Relaxation

A - A Job at The Job Shop

T – Tim and Tammy 34 years

E – Education and Entertainment

F – Friends and Family

U –Unbelievable Sunsets

L – Loving Children


I am grateful for my family. Through the ups and downs of this year, Paul and our newly minted teenager have been incredibly hard-working, patient, supportive and they are constantly inspiring me to be a better human.

What have I changed? I set aside time for myself every day.

What have I done?

I cooked A LOT.

Provided support and partnered with educators to help my middle schooler, who has been online schooling for almost a year.

Re-learned a lot of middle school math.

Watched a whole lot of K-Pop videos with my kiddo.

Worked my way to becoming both my dogs’ favorite human.

Played my guitar and ukulele.

Spent so much time looking for fun things to do with Petra inside the house that is not Tik Tok, YouTube or any streaming movie app.

Turned my Christmas tree into a Valentine’s Day tree. Look out St. Patrick’s Day! I’m coming for you next!

Looked for wild horses.

Had lunch at least once a week with Paul at his studio.


Family who are also friends, and friends who have become family

Good health with family and friends

A job that I like to do – being able to help people get jobs, and getting paid to do something that I like doing

Living in San Francisco – the City has a lot of faults, but being able to walk around and see the natural beauty of the city is great.

Availability of Great food in San Francisco – even in the pandemic, there are a lot of excellent options in the City.

Learning and honing my cooking skills

Music – there is never a day when I am not listening to any form of music

All the streaming channels – with so much content, there are so many tv shows/movies/documentaries to see.

Mike S

In the last year, I have learned to be exceptionally grateful for stability. My partner and I have built a stable and comfortable home and are lucky enough to have been financially stable even with all the global instability that 2020 brought. Though our everyday life changed drastically and we spent the majority of the year stuck inside, we managed to stay comfortable and happy in large part due to the stability we had built.

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