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Do You Have a Goal?

Author: Tammy Doss

I am very goal-oriented. I like to make lists and feel the accomplishment of completing the tasks at hand, marking them off when they are completed, and then savoring it for a moment. It may sound simple but it motivates me to complete things big and small. It also keeps me organized, timely, and responsible to myself and others.

Each Olympic Athlete could write a book on having a goal. They have trained for four long years to be the very best at their individual sport. It is with great admiration I look at the steps they have taken to be the absolute best in their country and hopefully in the world. I’m pretty sure this did not come easily and considerable time and effort was involved, but first, they had to have the dream and then a goal.

A friend recently took a terrible fall. He hurt himself badly and is now recuperating. He has had the benefit of a wonderful team of Physical Therapists. These people had a dream. They also have a goal. Their dream was to fulfill the requirements to become certified in their profession and their goal is to help people like my friend recover, get back his strength and movement and see him walking again.

Preparing for a job is a huge goal one must consider carefully. What steps will I take to become qualified to do the job? What education and computer skills will I need? Do I have talents that are transferable to another position or field that I have not thought of? What type of environment do I want to work in and how can I achieve that? Would it be a good idea to try a temporary position in the field to see if I really like it? All of these questions are relevant to finding a position you love and to achieving your goal.

The Job Shop is the perfect place to receive help with your job search. We understand you have a goal and want to help you fulfill it. It is our dream to place you in the perfect position so you can achieve your goal. Working together we can be a great team.

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