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Do You Eat Breakfast?

Author: Ashley Vukovich

Most of us have grown up hearing the phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” throughout grade school. It was key that we learned this at a young age because food in the morning would give us nutrients to start the day energized for a full day of school ahead. But as we got older, that food eventually just turned into “Morning Coffee”. Now, I am not discrediting what a warm cup of joe can do for you in the AM before work, but it more than likely isn’t doing enough. Here are a few reasons why people should start reincorporating breakfast before work:

  1. Increased Productivity and Concentration. It has been shown that those who eat a meal before a full day ahead, are likely to have increased concentration and productivity throughout the day. Two qualities that are great in any field of work.

  2. You increase your vitamins and minerals intake. Having a healthy meal for breakfast is an easy way to get in the essential nutrients to keep your body fuelled. Whether it is Vitamin C from orange juice or oranges in the morning, a tall glass of milk (of your choice) for Vitamin D, or eggs for protein, the ball is in your court. Any nutrient is better than no nutrient.

  3. All - Natural Energy Booster. A key part to feeling energized is your brain using glucose to function properly. So, “feeding your brain” by having a nutrient-rich breakfast is a great way to avoid that afternoon slump that tends to happen when we dont fuel ourselves properly with food in the morning.

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