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Defeating FOMO

Author: Tammy Doss

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on all the FUN? Missing out on outings you are not invited to? Missing out on opportunities others have taken advantage of. Missing out on enjoying a good job and good pay? Well do not fret. The truth is you may not be missing out on anything at all.

One way to avoid these feelings is to be the instigator and coordinator. Be the planner and then execute. Take control of the situation and make plans yourself and then follow through.

There are certainly disappointments when you are not invited to an event you are aware of and somehow you feel you should have made the list. But be realistic. Think it through.

  • Was it really that important for you to attend?

  • Was the event family friendly or could you have brought a guest?

  • Were there restrictions on the event planner as to how many guests could be invited?

  • When was the last time you invited the event planner to one of your events?

All of this goes out the door when it is a family event. Then its O.K. to be sad or hurt but not O.K. to hold it over anyone’s head. Move on. There are more times to connect and enjoy an enjoyable time. To get over your frustration plan something yourself.

Have you been in the situation where everyone is talking about a great sale or investment about which you did not know? It seems so incredible and how could you have been excluded from this information? Where were you when all the others discussed it without you?

  • Was it the best sale ever or an end of the season, picked over mess?

  • Did you really need a new brown couch?

  • What was the buy in for the investment and could you have afforded it?

  • What is the return on the investment, was it risky, do you still have your funds in the bank?

In hindsight you may find that you made the best investment of all in not investing or buying something that may or may not have been of use to you.

Missing an employment opportunity may be the most important of these examples. It is not necessary for you to do that! You can control that situation by being prepared. The Job Shop offers multiple career paths for you to explore. Not only can they help you with resume preparation, but they will also provide excellent tips on interviewing, the latest industry standards for success in your desired field, and most importantly a friendly recruiter to help you through the entire process.

Whether you are looking for a Full-Time position or a Part-Time position the Job Shop offers both. While you are interviewing and prepping for a Full-Time position you can take advantage of the excellent Temping opportunities that traverse multiple companies. The Job Shop represents a wide variety of businesses both locally and nationally. We hope to see you soon. Your new job is one step closer so do not MISS OUT!

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