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Chasing Squirrels

Author: Tammy Doss

FREDDY! – Our dog Freddy is the best squirrel chaser EVER. I know everyone thinks their pet is perfect in every way and is the best at their trick however, this is a story that must be reported.

Freddy is a human in a dog suit. Everyone knows it until Freddy sees the Squirrel on the old electrical wires (YIKES) that have yet to be buried underground. Thanks Utility Company!

Here is the deal. Freddy is a constant source of entertainment. He is a Good Fellow. He is an important part of our life. He can be a knucklehead, but he is determined and does not give up!

With all that said, Freddy likes to chase the neighborhood squirrels on the electrical wire morning, noon, and night. He never catches them and that is the point – however, he is consistent. He knows the squirrel’s every move and anticipates the next one. Freddy knows his perp’s motivation, his constant aggravation and still powers on. He loves this activity so much that he continues to do it daily.

Note to Freddy: Stop beating your head against the wall!

Freddy is the metaphor for anyone looking for a job in all the wrong places!!! He is the beautiful creature that cannot seem to figure out that chasing after things without more experience and better resources will not get you any further than the day before.

With this simple story in mind its time to look for a better alternative. The Job Shop is 100% ready to help you find a better way to solve your employment conundrum, fulfill career ambitions in a meaningful, successful, and satisfying way. Do not waste one more second on the that high wire wondering what to do or chasing after it unwittingly. The Job Shop has unlimited fantastic positions available to you. They have the contacts and resources that allow you to cease the endless chase and more importantly they have fabulous recruiters who will mentor and help you find an excellent job.

Your Best Friend Freddy approves this message!

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