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Branding is Crucial - What is Your Why

Author: Pooja Ahuja -

What is your why?

Life is short, and sometimes it doesn’t give any second chances. We believe in the power of first impressions and first moments. So it is very important to seize the moment and let your photographs share your essence and story. From making the best impression for a job interview to making the right impact on your client & win that deal. It is super important to put your best face forward. That is exactly what we specialize in. We help our clients push their businesses to the next level by creating the right kind of digital marketing content for them. We help them brand themselves and show them in the best light. The key is in planning, listening and the management experience from my prior life helps me help my clients plan their branding sessions better.

Why is branding so crucial for businesses?

With the lockdown we have seen an immense shift in the way businesses are pushing to the next level. Online presence is crucial for businesses to stand out, create the right impact, and gain the trust of their clients. The right kind of branding can ensure your clients remember you in a positive light.

How has this pandemic changed your business model?

"These are mad times we live in..MAD!" - Prof. Slughorn from The Half-Blood Prince. Yes, these indeed are mad times. So much has changed in the last few months. COVID hit us badly...all of us. But we used the time well. We used it for building our business and bonding with our clients. We worked on adding better products, that we can bring into the studio and offer our clients. A good artist is constantly growing and learning. We had been busy working towards getting our professional photographer's certification. We also geared up to setup the studio and business successfully open post lockdown. So when the lockdown lifted, we were ready. We were prepared to ensure everyone’s safety and create our best.

What makes you different?

We pick up the phone, we love to connect and talk to our clients. We understand them, their business, and their essence. There is no storytelling, without knowing anyone’s story. Listening is a skill set rare but crucial. Pooja Photography can bring in flavors like none other. Having an IT management experience in my prior life, helps me identify the right image and expression need to create the perfect brand images. Whether you are fun, all business , a go getter, warm, knowledgeable, or all of it, the right expression will create an impression that your clients will remember.

Having an artistic eye to seize the moment brings puts together a life in the storytelling part of your branding. We represent your honesty and your soul.

You always put your best foot forward with your resume, but you also need to put your best face forward with your headshot.

When you are not working where will we find you?

Still working. But then when you have fun while working, it's not work at all! You will find me still carrying a heavy camera bag on my back and hiking the National Parks with my family. Landscape photography is a call to quench my soul, so when I am not creating portraits, I am soaking in nature and creating my own memories with my family.

Any words, for those who are looking to hire Pooja Photography?

While you are with Pooja Photography, we take care of you like family. People meet us as strangers but leave us as friends. Our gift to our clients is an experience like no other. We believe photography is an experience, not a chore. So enjoy the ride and make fun memories that make you smile every single time you look at your headshots/branding or portraits.

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