31 Spooky Scary Movies

Author: Darcy Raven

For the last couple years, I have dived deep into celebrating Halloween for the entirety of October. I am down to watch a horror movie any time of the year, but for the 31 days in October I commit to watching a spooky movie, horror movie, or completed horror series every day.

So if you like watching scary movies on Halloween, or just in general, here are my 31 spooky movie reviews for all 31 spooky days, featuring guest opinions from my boyfriend (who watches a lot of things with me) and Rotten Tomatoes!

1 - House of the Witch (2017)

Abandoned house? Nope. It’s a scary, evil, sadistic, witch that lives in the house and there is no escape.


1 word for my 1 star rating.

Boyfriend Rating: Not Applicable Rotten Tomatoes: No critic score. 17% audience score.

2 - Sweetheart (2019)

Stranded on an island Creature feature.

Unique. Perfectly Simple. Well Executed. Creepy. Fun.

5 words for my 5 star rating.


Boyfriend Rating: Came back several times to watch various moments and saw basically the last 30mins of the movie. Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅 95%

3 - Death Note (Netflix 2017 version)

Write a person's name in a notebook and that person will die. But there are a ton of rules and a fun death god that comes along with it.

Entertaining. Potential. Mediocre.

3 words for my 3 star rating.

Boyfriend Rating: I watched it with him. He had seen the original anime version and was curious to see how the live action American version was. Just a note, the Death Note anime is also on Netflix and is a lot better than this movie. Though my boyfriend and I enjoyed this Hollywood-ized American adaptation, it could be partially because we had seen the anime. And even then, we had to pause several times because I got confused. So it's a toss up if you will enjoy this movie. Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅 38%

4 – Visions (2015)

New town, new people, new house, and a new way to forget the haunting past. When it’s that real it isn’t PTSD, it’s something more.

Spooky. Had-moments.

2.5 words for my 2.5 star rating.

Boyfriend Rating: Not Applicable

Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅24%

5 - The Monster (2016)

While driving her daughter to her ex-husband's house, the car breaks down (of course in the middle of nowhere). While waiting for the tow truck, mother and daughter soon realize there is something stalking them out in the woods. Will they survive?

A+ Performance. Attempted. Failed. 3ish words for my 3 star rating.

Scary monster. Great acting. Good cinematography. But a lot of yelling from a closed car in the pouring rain. It tried to be a classic horror, and the story does its purpose, but it was just ok. (I'm honestly shocked by that tomato's rating.)

Boyfriend Rating: Not Applicable Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅 81%

6 – Hush (2016)

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Well she is deaf and mute, but she will stop at nothing to survive the intruder intent on making her his next victim.

Unexpected. Minimalist. Adrenaline-rushing. Solid. 4ish words for my 4 star rating.

This was surprisingly a very well done movie. It turned the tables on the senseless slasher genre and the murderous antagonist. With only one really brutal scene, this was one of the best home invasion, flight-or-fight movies I have seen of its kind. Also the main character is a kick ass female protagonist.

Boyfriend Rating: Not Applicable

Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅 93%

7 - Hubie Halloween (2020)

An outcast weirdo who nobody respects finds himself trying to save his hometown from evil.

Had solid moments. Plot was ok. 2ish words for my 2.5 star rating.

Boyfriend Rating: Was curious to see it. Watched the whole thing and rated it 4.5 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅 51%

8 – Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

A mom and her daughters make a living scamming people who have lost someone in their lives, but that scam becomes all too real when they purchase a Ouija Board for their performances that actually opens up the door between the spirit world and the real world.

Great Acting. Decent Plot. True to the Horror Genre.

3 ish words for my 3 star rating.

Overall this was a very good solid horror movie, until the end. The ending was laugh out loud funny and silly and almost ruined the entirety of the movie. They didn’t have to end it the way they did but they did and it’s hard to accept it. But I would still say despite the ending this is a movie to watch if you like ghosts or things reminiscent of The Conjuring.

Boyfriend Rating: 7/10 "Enjoyable. Doesn't take itself too seriously"

Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅82%

9 – Holidays (2016)

A compilation of unique horror shorts; a spooky story for 8 different holidays we celebrate in a year. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day. Fathers Day. Easter.

Interesting ideas. Some are better than others. Overall not bad.

3ish words for my 3 star rating.

Boyfriend Rating: started the movie with me. Liked the 3rd short, Easter, the best and left during the fourth short. Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅 52%

10 – Magic (1978)

Young Anthony Hopkins plays a failed magician turned into an overnight success with the help of his new dummy act. Is he a Creepy man with a dummy? Or a creepy dummy with a man? Either way it’s hard to trust the creepy pair.

Good for it’s time. Great acting.

2ish words for my 2.5 star rating.

It was good, but compared to horror films nowadays it lacked the plot and creepiness I have come to expect in a scary movie. I enjoyed the Annabelle and Chucky movies a lot more.

Boyfriend Rating: Wanted to watch because of Anthony Hopkins, but dislikes dummies. Lost interest about halfway through. 3 out of 10. Rotten tomatoes: 🍅 85%

11 - Knock Knock (2015)

Keanu Reeves plays a husband left alone for the weekend. Things spice up when two young women knock on his door asking for help. The women are stranded and ask to come in and use the phone. Things then quickly spiral out of control in this seductive horror, thriller, drama.

Eh. There are better movies.

2 ish words for my 2 star rating.

Boyfriend Rating: Became interested and started watching at the end, maybe the last 30mins. Rotten Tomatoes: 🍅 38%

12 – Antebellum (2020)

Visions of the past or another life? Maybe visions of the future? Or is it just a bad nightmare? Just like the main character Veronica, the viewer tries to piece together the reality of her enslaved circumstances as she unravels clues from the torment of being a slave on a plantation.

Interesting concept. Mediocrely executed. Didn’t hate it. 3 ish words for my 3 star rating.