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3 Things To Cut From Your Resume

Author: Ashley Vukovich

As we are moving through the first month of the new year, now is the perfect time to start making a new resume or updating an old one. There are endless lists online that show you all the important information to include in the perfect resume, but it is also just as important to think about what not to add to your resume. Below are three important items that you should leave off of your resume to avoid discrimination and protect your privacy.

  1. Adding a picture of yourself on your resume. Often, employers will toss out resumes with pictures on them, to avoid any bias and discrimination accusations that could lead to a lawsuit

  2. Disclosing your full address. When providing your full address to potential employers, you open yourself up to privacy and discrimination concerns. Including your city and zip code should be sufficient information for potential employers.

  3. Hobbies. Almost everyone has a hobby. Many people believe their hobbies help describe who they are as an individual and even stand out to employers. Quite frankly, future employers are not making making a decision on your candidacy based off of your hobbies. Your potential employers' initial impression of you should be based off of your strongest skills, past work history, and achievements.

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