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24 Years of the Job Shop

Wow. Time flies, right? 24 years ago today, Liz Frome decided that after 3 years running the contracts department at a staffing agency, it was time for her to branch out and open her own placement agency! Since then The Job Shop has been helping people find jobs at great companies in and around San Francisco, and more importantly, building a family and enjoying working together.

In honor of The Job Shop's 24th Anniversary, we're taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at some of our favorite photos through the years.

The very first check made out to The Job Shop

Over the years, The Job Shop has worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of candidates and has placed people in all kinds of roles, ranging from architecture to software engineering. It all started with this one check though, the very first one The Job Shop ever received.

An early ad The Job Shop ran in the San Francisco Yellow Pages.

When we got started Social Media didn't really exist, and so modern advertising wasn't really an option. There were other options though, such as The Yellow Pages! For those too young to remember The Yellow Pages, it was a giant book that was delivered to every address in the city containing the contact information of businesses. It's incredible how far we've come since then!

We didn't come all this way alone. Jojo and Michelle, two of the Job Shop's very first employees, are still with us and have been for pretty much every step of the journey! Take a look at those computers!

Jojo and Michelle Celebrating Michelle's Birthday

Liz and Jojo visit a winery

In the past 24 years, Liz, Jojo, and Michelle have been through a lot together, and have had numerous adventures, becoming as close as family. Jojo and Liz even went to the Galapagos Islands together once!

The Job Shop New York City trip

In fact, The Job Shop as a whole has been on many adventures, as traveling and family are very important to Liz, and to all of us! This picture is from one of The Job Shop's anniversary parties. At this particular one, Liz took the whole office to New York! In addition to Jojo and Liz you can see Tammy in this picture, who has been with The Job Shop just about as long!

It's been amazing to celebrate all of these years in business together. The parties and the celebrations that we have had have done such an amazing job of bringing us all together and forming bonds that will last forever.

Former Job Shop Employee Stuart

Those bonds created end up enduring far beyond simply working together. People from The Job Shop have moved away to all kinds of places, from LA to Florida, Minnesota to Virginia, and everything in between. But those distances will never sever the connection The Job Shop created.

Part of that is watching each other's actual families grow up. Over the past 24 years we have seen people's families grow up and build lives, and in the process we have had so much fun together!

A Job Shop Volunteer Day

The Job Shop participates in Giving Tuesday on behalf of Golden Gate Lab Rescue

While we have lots of fun together, giving back is also super important to The Job Shop. Being an active part of her community has always been a priority for Liz, and she has imbued that priority into everything The Job Shop does. We spend time volunteering together, and have had a wonderful partnership (as lead by Liz) with Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue for many years.

What a ride it's been. We've seen and done so much together for 24 years, and we can't wait to spend another 24 together!

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