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Why You Should Consider Working With A Recruiter

Author: Darcy Raven

The last time I was searching for a job I used The Job Shop. Three years later I am still employed thanks to them, literally. I have now been working as a full-time employee for The Job Shop for the past three years, and I know that if and when I move out of the Bay Area, I will seek the help of a staffing agency/recruiter to find my next job. There are staffing agencies/recruiters for every line of work, so the options are unlimited and open for every type of work. Searching through various wanted ads can be time-consuming, intimidating, and may not always lead to an interview, let alone an actual job. I’m not saying that having a recruiter guarantees a job, but they certainly make the whole process easier if you have an appropriate background. When I first started with The Job Shop I accepted a temp job in their office for a few days. From there, I kept coming back to The Job Shop as well as being assigned to temp positions for some great companies that The Job Shop works with. The recruiters scheduled everything and handled the logistics, and then after showing up to the assigned job site and working hard, I was paid the following week. At this point I may be biased, but working for The Job Shop was easy and made my job search stress free. I know if any other staffing agency can provide the same helpful, quick, free service to find me a job then I am all for it. In the end, what do you have to lose by using a recruiter? They are free and do all the hard, full-time work of finding you a job.

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