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How To Make Working From Home More Efficient

Author: Ashley Vukovich

For the last two years, working remotely has been made practically the new norm for a lot of people and businesses. While many people opt to return to the workplace, working from home has been made easily accessible for people during the pandemic. While working from home as it’s perks, it is easy to fall out of the drive and work ethic we have when our day to day routine of seeing colleagues and bosses everyday, as well as having to look presentable, changes. Below are a few tips to maintain the efficiency of working when adapting to your new in-home office.

Tip # 1: Creating A Morning Routine

  • For some of us, a disheveled day typically starts with a disheveled morning. It’s easier to hit that alarm clock’s snooze button when your 25 minute commute to your office building is cut back 24 minutes because your new commute goes from your bed to your kitchen counter or desk, right? Creating a morning routine before work allows you to gather yourself and thoughts for how the work day is going to go and what you need to do to accomplish it. Getting up early to do so is like starting your car. It runs better when you let it warm up. Getting up in advance to make that cup of coffee and substantial breakfast that fuels you for the day’s work ahead. Along with getting up early, wearing practical clothes induces more productivity for your day when you’re no longer in the pajamas you slept in the night prior.

Tip #2: Having A Clean Designated Work Space

  • Having a designated area while working from home has key factors to making your work successful. A spot nominated just for your job aides in drowning out typical household tasks. The thought of chores needing to be done around the house can sometimes consume us when we are working from the bed or couch, or some days the porch, because it is easy to get caught up with what needs to be done around the house when we are surrounded by it. That’s why creating a clean environment can increase your productivity. Because whether it's noticing the dishes in the sink, remembering the dirty pile of laundry you said you would get done today, or garbage that needs to be taken out, when you have a private spot that allows for full engagement of work priorities, that also means you have to actually leave that space in order to do household tasks… which makes it easier to stay focused on what really pays your bills.

Bonus Tip: Benefits of Mid-day Tea

  • Teas such as Black Herbal Tea contain caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine which are known to improve focus and alertness. These elements are what can help pull you out of that afternoon sluggish feeling you may have after having a big lunch. Another concept of drinking tea in the middle of the day is to reduce the anxiousness of a day's work. While L-theanine is an amino acid that improves focus, it is also known to reduce anxiety. Black teas for example have been shown to lower cortisol levels which are stress hormones when taken over a period of time. Making it a daily habit can help your overall wellness while adjusting to working remotely.

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