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Pick Your "Word of the Year"

Author: Liz Frome

The practice of choosing a “Word of the Year” is an alternative to setting a lot of different New Years Resolutions. Instead, you select one single word to be your focus for the year.

I incorporate this into my way of life and set goals around this word. Keep in mind when you are searching for a new job or you are thinking of changing careers you can pick a word focussed on your job search.

You can use your word to set goals or intentions for each area of your life but have them all tie back to the single word. For example, if your word of the year was “abundance” you might have sub-goals of getting a raise, getting new job offers, investing in an abundant number of friendships, or spending more quality time with the people you love without your phone. Likewise, “Discipline” could entail going to the gym, sticking to an evening routine, and no longer being late to meetings. 

By tying all of your goals back to your word, it is easy to keep them front-of-mind. 

Put the word in prominent places in your life to keep it top of mind – your phone screen, on your fridge, on the front of your planner.

Breaking down on how to pick your “Word of the Year”

When I pick my word of the year, I tend to think of quotes that will remind me of my word. I love inspirational quotes as they make me stop and THINK! In choosing my quote for 2021 it is a reminder to think of my word each day. It could be as simple as making that sales call or running that extra distance.

My quote in relation to my word for 2021 is:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The word I choose for 2021 is:


When picking my word for 2021, I wanted something that would remind me to take risks, to do things differently than I’ve been doing them. “I wanted 2021 to be a year of pushing forward for more growth; especially after staying home a lot in 2020. I wanted to focus on challenging myself each day even if it feels UNCOMFORTABLE as then I know I am making improvements. In choosing my word I wanted the reminder to sacrifice what I want now for what I want more. I wanted it to work for my goals: for my health, for my work, for my personal growth, and for making sure I keep on living life!

  • It means getting out of your comfort zone.

  • It means getting out of the stands and onto the playing field.

  • It means more rigorous workouts and waking up earlier.

  • It means more patience, more presence, and new habits.

  • It means more projects that challenge me.

  • It means changing up some of my old habits; just saying NO!

  • It means getting myself off the couch, out from behind the screen, and away from excuses.

  • It means making that extra sales calls.

Still looking for your word for 2021?

I’ve listed some of my favorites but before you pick one, take a while to think about what your goals are and who you really want to work on becoming in 2021. What are the characteristics of that person? What do the goals for different aspects of your life have in common?

Maybe you’re looking for a new job or a job?

Maybe you’re searching for more simplicity in your business and home life?

Maybe you’re looking to be more daring in your relationships and in your work?

Maybe you want to change your priorities in 2021?

I love the theme a word of the year sets for goals and how it provides direction in the new year. Once you’ve picked it, set it as your phone’s lock screen. Write it on the bathroom mirror (in dry-erase marker). Frame it for your desk or your nightstand. Keep it in the forefront of your mind and use it to set smaller monthly goals throughout the year.

I have listed 30 Word of the Year Ideas for 2021; maybe one will stand out for you!

1. Adventure

2. Authentic

3. Balance

4. Breathe

5. Calm

6. Challenge

7. Commitment

8. Compassion

9. Connect

10. Creativity

11. Daring

12. Dedicated

13. Dream

14. Empower

15. Forgiveness

16. Gratitude

17. Hope

18. Journey

19. Kindness

20. Listen

21. Love

22. Mindful

23. Nurture

24. Passion

25. Service

26. Simplicity

27. Strong

28. Teach

29. Thrive

30. Unity

More tips to come on your job search and life!

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