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WELL Summer Cohort with Accenture

Recently Liz Frome, founder and owner of The Job Shop, was selected to participate in the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce's Women Empowering Leadership and Learning Summer Cohort Program. She, of course, jumped at the opportunity!

This is how the Chamber of Commerce describes their program:

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is partnering withAccenture to hosta free summer cohort program to empower San Francisco women-owned small businesses. This opportunity is for mid-level managers (5 – 9 years of experience) to learn, lead, and interact with the community in a purposeful way. Participants will team up to work with business owners, Accenture and SF Chamber coaches to solve real-life business challenges. The final showcase will take place during the 2021 WELL Conference, scheduled in September.

Liz had this to say about her participation in the program:

When I came across the San Francisco Cohort program presented through The San Francisco Chamber I knew I needed to take the time to apply.

The Job Shop has been a part of The San Francisco Chamber for over 23 years, and we have tapped into many resources the Chamber has offered that has helped my small business grow. What was exciting about this program as a small business owner was to be able to tap into such well-regarded women in business, this would be an invaluable resource for The Job Shop.

When The Job Shop was selected to participate, I was so excited but also a bit scared as now the change must happen over a short time frame, and I needed to make sure I was on top of everything to utilize the Cohort team. (One of the keys to the Cohort program is I had to be open to feedback and make sure as a small business owner I did not get in the way of change. )

It is hard as a small business owner to think of making change let alone make the change but with this project focused program the hurdles were much easier. The way the Cohort team structured my project was that most of the change would be from the Cohort team and not just me telling my employees you must do this, more of a team collaboration.

At first it was overwhelming but with the amazing support of my Cohort team The Job Shop is moving along the path with improving our technology challenges, our deadline struggles and the organizational management we desperately needed. (These are the three main areas I asked for help with; when I applied for the San Francisco Cohort program.) I can see The Job Shop team coming together and the enthusiasm that has been lacking recently is back and as a business owner this truly keeps me motivated.

Thank you San Francisco Cohort Team you, have given me the energy I needed to get through some difficult challenges with my company and through a difficult time. It truly warms my heart to think this team stepped up to help my small business and I will always be grateful.
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