Weekend Planner: October 23


Every Friday we put together a list of the weekend events we think look most interesting and provide them here. Keep in mind there is always a lot more going on, and all it takes is a little digging to find something that will be the perfect activity for you.

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Friday, October 23


Castro Theater, San Francisco

7 PM, All Ages


Adam Savage, Will Smith, and Norman Chan of Tested.com bring to stage visions of the past, present, and future as seen through the eyes of makers. Enjoy an evening of fantastic homebrew projects, demonstrations of exciting new technologies, and conversations with makers about new frontiers of innovation. This will be your chance to see and interact with Tested’s projects, experiments, and explorations in a live setting, with presentations from the Tested team and friends in the maker community. Expect plenty of geeking out, silliness, and even a few surprises. The show will also feature a live recording of Adam Savage’s interview series The Talking Room.

A limited number of VIP tickets will also include a meet and greet with the Tested team and the presenters after the show.

Event is all ages, but adult language may be used in some of the presentations.

The Talking Room Guest

Dr. Dava Newman

Deputy Administrator, NASA



Eric Cheng

Former Director of Aerial Imaging, DJI


Megan Prelinger

Cultural Historian and Author


Frank Ippolito

Special Effects Artist and Producer


Michael Schindler

TinType Photographer


Bobak Ferdowsi

NASA Flight Engineer


Monument, San Francisco

7 PM, All Ages

$20 Suggested Donation

Presenting our Annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival, a Two-day Event on October 23rd + 24th!

Exploring the immersive landscape of MOVEMENT, CODAME will be showcasing new works that demonstrate the fusion of art and technology from new and exciting angles within our festival’s theme including innovative dance compositions, mind-bending performances, immersive and interactive installations, generative art, new media, and concept pieces by local, national, and international artists.

All proceeds from this event will be split with participating artists. RSVP now! 

We bring together these independent artists, inviting all to join us in celebrating Art and Technology!

Local and Collaborating Artists include: Kinetech Arts, Paul Ackerman, Saturn Rising, Marpi, Zoey Vero, Zen Cohen, Colton Long, Katherine Frazer and Xiaohan Zhang, Sustainable Magic, Idyll Collective, Rachel Rose Ulgado + Aaron Waterhouse, Christopher Shaw, Matthew Howell, Donald Hason, Raquel Boluda, Jeffrey Yip, Zach Vorhies, Jeffrey Bryant, Jasper Patterson, staRpauSe, Total Unicorn, Foxxy Newport, Anticlockwise Arts, and more!

National Artists include: Kate Sicchio (NYC) and Leon Eckert (NYC)

International Artists include: Natasha Singh (India), Alex Andre (Paris France), and Robert Allison (UK)

Learn more about the CODAME Featured Artists on http://codame.com/artists

Questions we asked the artists are: As technology is rapidly evolving around us, how does this affect our physical and emotional lives? How can we move with machines, and how do machines move with us? How can we continue to engage with each other and our environment actively in a digital world that seems to be making us increasingly more sedentary? How can we break out of our screens into multiple dimensions, using the new tools that technology can provide for us?

Date: RSVP for any of the two days, Friday 23th or Saturday 24th October, 7pm – midnight

Venue: Monument Located in the pulsing vein of San Francisco at 140 9th Street, Monument is a newly opened and renovated space.

Dress code: It’s close to Halloween! It’s your opportunity to wear that art+tech outfit tonight! Costume or not, do come and enjoy!

Full Schedule:

Friday 10/23: Festival Launch: 7pm-12am Performance Lineup:

  1. Jasper Patterson

  2. Kinetech Arts

  3. Raquel Boluda

  4. Kate Sicchio

  5. Matthew Jones

  6. Zach Vorhies

  7. Christopher Shaw

  8. Paul Ackerman

Saturday 10/24

Special Yoga Workshop with Showga: 6pm-7pm (prior doors open for the Festival)

  1. An opportunity to explore the healing dimensions of movement and music and how they interact. Participants will be guided through yoga postures and visualization exercises while live music is performed.

Night Festival: 7pm-12am Performance Lineup:

  1. Kate Sicchio

  2. Ian Heisters

  3. Micheal Garrigues

  4. Zoey Vero, Zen Cohen + Colton Long

  5. Saturn Rising w/Robert Allison

  6. Paul Ackerman

  7. Zach Vorhies

  8. Total Unicorn

Festival Page: http://codame.com/events/art-tech-festival-2015

Saturday, October 24


The Yard at Mission Rock, San Francisco

12 PM, All Ages


Welcome to the inaugural San Francisco BBQ Festival! The city’s first BBQ festival will be held at The Yard at Mission Rock just south of AT&T park. Enjoy an afternoon of low and slow smokey goodness from San Francisco’s own BBQ restaurants. Everyone attending gets to try the best BBQ from all participating restaurants, receives a Festival gift, and entrance into our raffle for great prizes like free barbeques or a $500 gift card to Whole Foods. Three bands will grace our stage and additional food and drink will be available