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Weekend Planner: March 3


You’ve worked hard all week, and now Friday’s here again! It’s time to start planning your weekend!  Welcome to Weekend Planner, your weekend update on fun.

Every Friday we put together a list of the weekend events we think look most interesting and provide them here. Keep in mind there is always a lot more going on, and all it takes is a little digging to find something that will be the perfect activity for you.

Click on any of the event titles for a link to the event.


Friday, March 3



Fort Mason Off The Grid

Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

5 PM, All Ages


Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center is back starting Friday, March 3 from 5-10pm! This year, guests can expect a new layout with an expanded, rotating lineup featuring food trucks, tented vendors, and food from Off the Grid’s culinary development program known as Instrucktional. Inspired by the festive night markets around the world, Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center returns with new amenities, a fresh look & feel, and exciting new vendors.

Bookmark this page for weekly lineups: Music Openers: DJ D-Sharp 5-7:30PM and Ideateam 8-10pm

Opening Night Lineup: Food Trucks: Capelo’s Barbecue Curry Up Now Johnny Doughnuts KoJa Kitchen Korean Bobcha Lobsta Truck SF Cielito Lindo Mexican Street Kitchen Hula Truck Me So Hungry Too Southern Comfort Kitchen – “SoCo Kitchen” Señor Sisig The Chairman Izzy’s Cheesesteaks Tents: Ono Poke PAMPA BBQ Postrique Aburaya Japanese Fried Chicken Bini’s Kitchen A16 Jeepney Guy Bombzies BBQ Tai Chi Jianbing El Porteño Empanadas Torpedo Sushi Cuban Kitchen Revenge Pies Core Kitchen Oakland Pretzelina Mama Miya El Pípila – Antojitos Mexicanos


14th Annual Ocean Film Festival

Fort Mason, San Francisco

1 PM, All Ages


PROGRAM 3 Friday, March 10 – 1:00 pm

Facing the Surge (USA), Diogo Castro Freire, 25 min Leadership emerges in times of crisis at many levels. The people of Norfolk, VA now find their homes, their livelihoods and their very lives on the line as the relentless sea encroaches. Facing the Surge reveals how they discover strength, hope and solutions amid sodden ruins, and push their leaders to address the larger scale impacts of sea level rise. —MJS

Appetite for Invasives (USA), Emily Driscoll, 6 min You’ll need an adventurous spirit to dine here and an appetite for the unusual. Follow exotic food chef, Gene Ruurka, as he transforms invasive species like the venomous Lionfish and Asian Carp, into recipes served at the Explorers Club 112th Annual Dinner. —RR

Last Fisherman (UK) James Stier, 76 min — 2017 COASTAL CULTURE AWARD The Rame Peninsula is the forgotten corner of Cornwall, England. Here, Malcolm Baker, 70+ years of age, fishes using traditional methods. He makes his own fishing pots and wooden boats, and mends his nets. Comments by Malcolm’s fellow townsfolk celebrate his individual strength and passion as we learn about the conflicts and changes he faces. An unlikely friendship forms with an Austrian youth worker (and filmmaker), drawn to a simpler way of life and the preservation of traditional skills. —ST

PROGRAM 4 – Presented by the Port of San Francisco Friday, March 10 – 4:00 pm

The Hama Hama Way (USA), Treva Wurmfeld, 12 min Along the mudflats of the Hama Hama River on the Olympic Peninsula, Adam and Lissa James are among the new generation of oyster farmers that are taking a different approach to raising the prize crustacean. —RR

The Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp (USA), Elliott Kennerson & Joshua Cassidy, 4 min With extraordinary eyesight and the fastest strike in the animal kingdom, the mantis shrimp is one heavy hitter. It is not just their killer punch that is impressive, Mantis shrimp have an elaborate visual system that allows them to use a “secret code” of polarized light. —RR

Galloping Extinction: The Last Stand of the Seahorse (Malaysia), Will Foster-Grundy, 14 min What do you get if you cross the head of a horse, with the snout of an aardvark, eyes of a chameleon, pouch of a kangaroo, and tail of a monkey? The intriguing and charismatic seahorse – the only species in which the male gives birth! Learn about this magical, mystical animal and its plight. Divers love to spot these magnificent creatures, but too often they are the target of the traditional Chinese medicine trade. —GC

High Hopes: The Future of Dungeness Crab (USA), Benjamin Drummond & Sara Joy Steele, 6 min West Coast fisheries rely heavily on Dungeness crab. As ocean acidification advances, scientists are becoming more concerned with potential impacts to this species. This could threaten not only fishermen’s livelihood but also the whole ecosystem. —YI

Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping (Spain), Denis Delestrac, 52 min Out of sight, out of mind. The inconspicuous but enormous environmental cost of ocean freighters is carefully examined in this powerful, eye opening film. It looks at the price we all pay for ocean trade, showing us the stark similarity of being “frightened” (long i) and “Freightened” (long a). Both will leave you a bit apprehensive. —JCO

PROGRAM 5 || SURFING PROGRAM Friday, March 10 – 7:00 pm

The Man & the Sea (Australia), Andrew Kaineder, 3 min Australian surfer, Derek Hynd celebrates his communion with nature through surfing on boards without fins. For Hynd, finless surfing is not just a subculture of surfing but goes deeper into a philosophy of life and one’s relative position in the universe. The ocean is the ultimate teacher. —YI

The Accord (USA), RC Cone, 19 min — 2017 ADVENTURE AWARD In Iceland, where surf culture is minimal, surf shops are sparse, and there are miles of coastline with endless possibilities, surfing can be a never ending search for the conditions when swells and wind align. Follow these Icelandic surfers and their tumultuous relationship with the fickle North Atlantic Wind. —RR

Bezerke (Australia), Andrew Kaineder, 15 min Hard to believe Russell Bierke is only 18. This Aussie phenom is fearless. The film traces his days of surfing back to his childhood, where he got his start at becoming one of the next generation’s big wave surfer. With insights from 11-time world champion, Kelly Slater, the film highlights Russell’s amazing win at Cape Fear. —AB

Way East (Austria), Aline Bock, 21 min Shrouded by the recent Fukushima nuclear spillage, two Austrian filmmakers visit Japan to make one film and instead discover another.  The two adventurists ski and surf across the country, discovering alternate lifestyles, the potential for renewable energy, and a rich culture of hope. —DM

Forbidden Beach (France), Thierry Los*, 7 min Two far out and colorful Surfin’ Robots, travel from beach to beach in their VW van looking for the right wave. But it’s hard to find a beach that isn’t already occupied. Tensions rise and the strict codes of surf culture are explored, but no robots get hurt. —KH

Surfers’ Blood (USA), Patrick Trefz, 58 min Surfers Blood tells the story of true individuals sharing deep bloodlines connected to the sea—from the fishing history of the rugged Basque Coast via oar and surfboard shaper, Patxi Oliden, to the modern eccentric computer surfboard shapes of Apple designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer. San Diego Artist, Richard Kenvin, and the three-time Mavericks winner, Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko, round out the fascinating cast of this kaleidoscopic film. —IO


Saturday, March 4



Golden West Beer Tour

Pacific Coast Brewing Co., Oakland

11:30 AM, Ages: 21+


The Golden West Beer Tour | Visit Oakland and Berkeley Breweries

There’s nothing better than a guided tour where you check out the best local breweries, drink amazing beers, meet great people and not have to worry about a thing! Learn more–

Oakland was at one time one of the largest beer brewing cities in the country until Prohibition ended the city’s golden glow. But thanks to several microbrewers it is buzzing again. For the last few years Oakland and Berkeley have emerged as a craft beer goldmine and the location of some of the best breweries, brewpubs and beer bars in the Golden State.

On this brewery tour you will learn about a vibrant and somewhat scandalous beer history as you ride through these industrious neighborhoods. You can also listen to your favorite tunes and play games throughout the day! You will have plenty of time to taste a variety of amazing beers from Common Lagers to Sours and enjoy a quick bite if you choose.

Included in all public tours:

  1. All of your beer tastings at each brewery

  2. Safe and comfortable round-trip transportation for a maximum of 8 guests

  3. Professional and friendly guide with beer knowledge

  4. Visit a minimum of 3 breweries

  5. A brewery facility tour at one stop

  6. Gratuity for brewery staff

  7. Complimentary on board snacks and non-alcoholic beverages

Pick Up and Drop Off Location is in front of Pacific Coast Brewing Co. in Oakland. 2 blocks from 12th Street Bart station and across from the Oakland Marriott / Convention Center.

Reservations are required and all participants must be at least 21 years old. Private tours are also available.

For more information visit or call 925-725-5029. You may also read the 5 star reviews on Yelp.



58th White Elephant Sale

White Elephant Sale, Oakland

All Day,  All Ages


The White Elephant Sale has been taking one person’s trash and recycling it into someone else’s treasure for more than 50 years.

The White Elephant Sale is Northern California’s biggest and best rummage sale. The sale takes place in a 96,000-square-foot warehouse site at 333 Lancaster Street, near the Oakland Estuary.

Named one of San Francisco’s Top 100 Events by BizBash, the celebrated rummage sale includes 19 departments, offering a range of quality used goods, including furniture, artwork, household items, china, sporting goods, fine jewelry, Asian collectibles, tools, music, books, vintage and contemporary clothing.

Shoppers are advised to arrive early and wear comfortable shoes. A complimentary shuttle service from the Fruitvale BART to the WES warehouse will be provided for the January 29, Preview Sale and on the March 4 and 5 White Elephant Sale days.

Organized and presented by the Oakland Museum Women’s Board, the White Elephant Sale is made possible by donations from the public. For the past two years, the sale has raised over $2 million each year to support the museum.


Sunday, February 26



Family Funday: Pizza

The CIA at Copia, Napa

1:30 PM, All Ages


Everyone agrees that Friday nights are worthy of all things pizza, but does everyone in the family agree on what kind? In this class, we’ll explore global pizza styles and the best toppings for each season so that you can eat pizza (in moderation) all year long! We’ll also explore, and maybe even debate, the importance of pizza crust. So whether you are a lover of rustic or perfect looking pizza, you’ll leave knowing many new ways to make one of the world’s favorite foods: PIZZA!

(Fun for ages 4+. All children must be accompanied by at least one adult. All adults must be accompanied by at least one child.)



2017 SF History Days

The Old Mint, San Francisco

2:30 PM, Ages: 21+


Explore San Francisco’s amazing history at the annual San Francisco History Expo as the Old Mint becomes a series of pop-up museums of San Francisco history with more than 75 exhibitors.

Join community historians, archivists, genealogists, archaeologists, researchers, educators, re-enactors and other history enthusiasts for a free Community Open House at this historic site.

Highlights of the weekend include:

  1. Presentations on local architectural, transit, neighborhood, and maritime history

  2. Exhibits addressing the Summer of Love 50th anniversary

  3. Displays of neighborhood and community archives

  4. A resource center for history organizations, homes, and educational centers around the Bay Area

  5. Mini-theaters and galleries will be set up in the ground floor vaults of the Old Mint over the weekend featuring found footage, film features, and rare and newly digitized photos

  6. Dozens of authors will also be on hand to discuss and sell their books on local historical themes

Past history weekends at the Old Mint have brought together dozens of organizations to celebrate and tell the city’s unique history, and have attracted several thousand participants.

Please note, the schedule is subject to change. Please check signage in the main corridor for updates. 


Want more options? Eventbrite is a great place to start. Know about 
a great event we missed? Leave it in the comments.

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