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Want To Know How To Be An Excellent Public Speaker? Just Follow These 10 Tips!


Anyone who has works in the business world for any length of time will eventually be asked to give a presentation or otherwise speak in front of a sizable group of people. If you think you are a terrible public speaker, or have recurring nightmares of presentations, well fear no more! The Undercover Recruiter has put together a handy list of tips to help you become the confident and competent public speaker we both know you have the potential to be!

You have been told you need to give a presentation at work in front of 100 people. Immediately, you start thinking of what could go wrong. Forgetting your lines, not knowing how to stand and the thought of freezing. Do not fear! Public speaking can be done well and can also be something you look forward to if you know how to do it correctly. This infographic by Mind Tools provides us with 10 top tips to becoming an expert at public speaking.
  1. Use humor – It will help to relax your audience, and will lighten the atmosphere.

  2. Engage your audience – Make sure you maintain constant audience eye contact and address your audience directly.

  3. Keep your body language warm– You want to appear approachable.

  4. Rehearse – By familiarizing yourself with the material you can relax and minimise nerves.


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