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Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes

The best way to avoid the most common and dangerous job interview mistakes is to think ahead and decide not to make them.


By all means gloss over the unflattering things, But out-right fibbing NEVER pays.

2)Slating your current company or boss

Your job interview is NOT the time to see revenge. The interviewer will be listening to your answers and thinking about what it would be like to work with you.

3)Being rude

If you find you were accidentally rude, then apologize calmly and genuinely. Remember that everyone you meet could be involved in the selection process. So blanking the receptionist or talking down to junior members of staff could cost you the job.


Complaining, even in jest, is not a recommended icebreaker. It may be completely harmless, or it might simply make the interviewer switch off. Don’t let complaining set the tone for the interview.

5)Talking about people you don’t get along with at work

These days, it’s common to be asked how you deal with conflict. Companies realize the importance of interpersonal relationships in the working environment.

6)Not being prepared

Make sure you brought with you anything you were asked for. Ill-prepared candidates rarely get job offers.

7)Appearing to be too nervous, or too confident

If you appear too nervous they’ll think you’re not confident enough to do the job. However, appearing too confident will make them think you won’t fit into the team.

8)Making a weak first impression

If you make a strong first impression, the interviewer will be more inclined to overlook “imperfections” in your answers.

9)Not having researched the company

As a general rule, the more famous the brand, the more they will expect you to have done your homework. Researching the company shows you’re serious about the job.

10) Putting your foot in it and not noticing

This can be the most unnerving of all job interview blunders. Yes, we know you didn’t mean to put your foot in it. But it really does not matter what you intended. What counts is how the other person reacts.

Keep in mind 40% Skill Set 60% Energy, personality, and ability to demonstrate strengths/ qualifications/ experience.

11/18/08 – Job Shop / Interview Technique Workshop.

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