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The Power of Breathing

Author: David McGrane

The work world (and the world in general) can be awfully stressful these days. Lucky that mindfulness practitioners have been studying the benefits of simple techniques to alleviate stress for thousands of years.

And then there are the thousands of scientists in this modern world who have also tested and confirmed the quantifiable benefits of those same simple techniques.

But which ones can you simply and easily incorporate into your work day? Well here’s one that will have cumulative benefits over time. It applies the Power of Three, cubed!

Three cubed. Nine. Nine breaths. That’s it, that’s all you need to start with. Start your day with them - nine deep breaths the moment you wake up, before you tumble out of bed. Just take less than a minute to do nine deep breaths. Focus on your breathing for all nine. Feel the air (and energy) go in through the nose, feel the air (and stress) go out through the mouth. Darned if you don’t find an extra little spring in your step as you get on with your day.

Then take 9 more the moment you arrive at work (or step into your home office). 9 mindful breaths, totally focused on each them, and the scientific testing assures us that cumulative benefits will ensue.

Maybe 9 more right before lunch, 9 after lunch, and 9 just as you are about to finish work.

Anytime you are feeling stressed is obviously another great opportunity to throw in the Power of 3, thrice.

Try it, it’s not hard, and based upon the body of evidence that is out there - you won’t be disappointed. In fact, here’s an idea. Try it right now. Take a small 1-minute, 9 breath break. There’s no time like the present. Cheers!

David McGrane is a consultant at the Job Shop with a background in brand marketing and creative direction. He is studying for his mindfulness instructor credentials because he believes a quieter mind will help him, and all those he works with, to deeper insights and simply less stress.

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