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The Office Party

Author: Tammy Doss

Some of you may not remember a wonderful comedian named Phyllis Diller. She was very popular in the ’60s ’70s and ’80s. Her self-deprecating humor, crazy hairstyle, and her wild laugh were all part of the act. She was a pioneer in standup comedy, acted in movies, did voiceovers, was a regular on Hollywood Squares, and everything in between including the Gong Show. A very interesting character she was!

Recently I came across a quote by Ms. Diller that prompted me to write this. It reminded me of all the Holiday gatherings, parties, and after-work cocktails that I have enjoyed over the years with friends and colleagues. I reminisced about the positions I have held and some of the ones I wish I could forget. Below is a quote that is packed with some serious wisdom. As they say in show business “Timing is Everything” and this pretty much puts it in perspective.

“What I don’t like about office Holiday Parties is looking for a job the next day.”

- Phyllis Diller

I laughed out loud and then started to remember a few of the parties, events, and activities that I’ve attended where someone forgot it was company-related and it would have been better to take the slow and steady approach when having a beverage or two versus thinking “Wow, this is free and I’ll eat and drink myself silly.”

This in no way is meant to put a damper on having a great time. Your co-workers like to see a slightly different side of you and enjoy your company outside of the workplace. It is a reminder that having fun, being kind, keeping your composure and including your fellow party goers in conversation, libation, and of course dancing is what really brings people together in a good way that some call Team Building.

Getting to know people without telling them your whole life story at the event is a positive. However, you may not know that someone likes to hike, make decoupage art, or foster animals. Your co-worker may know enough trivia that they could be chosen for a popular game show. Did you know that “David” can play the guitar and his photographs are award-winning? “Lori’s” music collection is amazing and her knowledge of art is extensive.

We all have learned by now not to appropriate other cultures, wear anything that is offensive to other guests (t-shirts with witty sayings), and keep our clothes on! These are the basics. The real things to remember are to enjoy yourself, keep the conversation light, and don’t swing from the chandeliers. Finally, when you meet a co-worker’s significant other the best line is not “Oh, I’ve heard so much about you!”

Easing into the Holiday season can be a fantastic part of your year. Getting to know those who you spend a lot of time with at work or getting to know a new hire can be both interesting and rewarding. Including everyone is a gift you can give for free. I’m hoping your next party is a huge success and remembered for all the right reasons.

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