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Thank You Notes

Author: Liz Frome

Here at The Job Shop, we are impressed with anyone who writes a thank you note; you will surely stand out if you do so. You'd be surprised how often people do not write them and that definitely makes an impact on our decision as to whether or not to hire them. It is part of the hiring process for The Job Shop and, to us, it shows your follow through and commitment to the company.

Sending a thank you note after the interview can really set you apart from other candidates. By drafting and sending a thoughtful and thought out thank you note, you are signaling your continued interest and solidifies a positive impression with the interviewer. Also, it's just plain good manners to say thank you!

We have actually had hiring managers tell us to wait to schedule a second interview until we receive a post-interview follow-up email, and we've passed on candidates at The Job Shop because we didn’t receive a thank you. Yes, saying thank you is that important.

It is always important to remember you may not get this position but with great follow through you may stand out for the next position or you may connect with this person on LinkedIn or at a networking event.


Avoid only going through the motions, because employers will see right through a generic note. Instead, tailor your message to the specific interviewer and company using a flexible format. Keep it short, simple and PLEASE make sure you spell check, grammar check, and proof-read. It's a good idea to send it to a friend to review before sending it to the company.

Some suggestions below:

  • How much you appreciated the meeting (the “thank you” part!)

  • Something specific about the interview or items discussed

  • We feel this step is very important and shows attention to detail.

  • Why you are excited about this opportunity

  • A brief explanation of why you’d be a good fit for the job

  • Next steps and your contact information


Send it immediately when you get home while the information is still clear and the interviewer still remembers your interview.

Make sure to send the note (via email) within 24 hours—and be sure to send one to everyone you interviewed with, not just the hiring manager. (Please make sure you send a thank you note specific to each person you interviewed with and not the same to all.) If you interviewed on a Friday afternoon make sure to send that thank-you email before starting your weekend. 


Dear (name),

Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me about the (job title) and for giving me additional insight into the responsibilities and day-to-day duties involved. Our conversation today only increased my interest in the role. I would be thrilled to use my (skills you discussed during the interview) to benefit (Company name) and your goals, including the work you’re doing on (Specific project or the work discussed on the interview).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions for me! I look forward to having another conversation with you soon.

Best regards,

(Your Name)

Pretty simple! Remember that each thank you note you send should be unique, but this template can be a good place to start. If you don't hear back right away, that's OK—wait about 5-7 days before following up (you can reply to your original thank you note) and expressing interest one more time. 

If they don't reply to several emails or by the date they promised, you might also consider this to be a bit of a red flag. 

Communication and respect are important from the start. Don't forget that. The key is to follow through and never burn any bridges even if the employer does not follow up.

More tips to come on your job search!

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