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Technology Tuesday: July 12


Welcome to Technology Tuesday! Every week The Job Shop Blog will bring you our 5 top science and technology news stories from around the web.

This week: Glasses that let you interface with computers, self healing teeth, programmable vaccines, solar road technology to be deployed on Route 66, and an advanced prosthetic arm from DARPA.


Smart Glasses Allow Hands Free Interface


What if you could control a computer screen with just your eyes? Well that’s the vision of Eyefluence, a Silicon Valley-based startup that is working on technology for hands-free navigation.

The team has been working on prototypes, testing it out with augmented reality glasses equipped with cameras that can assess where you’re looking at any given time. Users can click on icons with a glance.



Stem Cell Fillings Allow Teeth to Heal Themselves


Regenerative dental fillings that allow teeth to heal themselves have been developed by researchers, potentially eliminating the need for root canals.

The treatment, developed by scientists from the University of Nottingham and Harvard University, earned a prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry after judges described it as a “new paradigm for dental treatments.”



Engineers Design Programmable RNA Vaccine


MIT engineers have developed a new type of easily customizable vaccine that can be manufactured in one week, allowing it to be rapidly deployed in response to disease outbreaks. So far, they have designed vaccines against Ebola, H1N1 influenza, and Toxoplasma gondii (a relative of the parasite that causes malaria), which were 100 percent effective in tests in mice.



Solar Road to be Deployed on Route 66


Solar Roadways’ dreams of sunlight-gathering paths are one step closer to taking shape. Missouri’s Department of Transportation is aiming to install a test version of the startup’s solar road tiles in a sidewalk at the Historic Route 66 Welcome Center in Conway. Okay, it won’t be on Route 66 just yet, but that’s not the point — the goal is to see whether or not the technology is viable enough that it could safely be used on regular streets. You should see it in action toward the end of the year.



DARPA Funded Advanced Prosthetic Ready for Sale


One of the world’s most advanced prosthetics is set to hit the market later this year. The Luke arm was designed by Segway creator Dean Kamen with funding from DARPA, and has been under development for close to a decade. In 2014, it received approval from the FDA, and now, the company behind the prosthetic (which was previously named the DEKA arm) says it will be ready for “commercial introduction” in late 2016.



Know any interesting stories we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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