Technology Tuesday: April 28, 2015

Geologists And Seismologists Rush To Prevent Further Tragedy In Nepal


Digital Tattoo Lets You Control Devices With Your Mind

WHAT’S on your mind? For £79, anyone can buy a headset that reads the electrical activity of their brain. It’s called an electroencephalogram, or EEG, and you can use it to control devices with the power of your mind. But there’s a drawback: they don’t work when the wearer is moving and they look silly, so no one wants to wear them.

The solution could be a kind of EEG system that does away with the cumbersome electrodes, annoying gels and wires of its predecessors, replacing them with a flexible electronic skin that conforms to the body. It promises to let us monitor our brains discreetly 24 hours a day, and can be worn continuously for two weeks, staying put whether you’re swimming, running or sleeping.


Artificial Photosynthesis Could Produce Tomorrow’s Fuels


Super Strong Mini-Robots Pull Objects 2000 Times Their Weight

Every tug-of-war champion knows one thing: The power to pull lies not in your arms, but in planting your two feet firmly in the dirt for leverage.

Engineers at Stanford University put this basic tug-of-war principle into practice when they designed tiny robots, which they’ve called MicroTugs, that can drag objects hundreds of times their weight. A 9-gram MicroTug, for example, can pull a 2.2-pound load vertically up glass. That’s equivalent to a human climbing a skyscraper while carrying an elephant.


Virtual Reality Haptic Gloves That Utilize Air Pressure


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