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Tech Takes Stage At San Francisco Small Business Week Event by Fredric Paul

“The culmination of Small Business Week in San Francisco was the Business After Hours Grand Expo at AT&T Park, the picturesque home of the San Francisco Giants. And technology played a starring yet diverse role in the celebration.

The event on the slick Club Level of the baseball stadium featured some 150 exhibitors, as well as live music and fancy snacks and drinks from a variety of local establishments. But I went looking for technology — and fancy snacks and drinks — and I wasn’t disappointed.

Amidst the Blue Angel Vodka and solar panel displays I found a number of technology vendors and some sophisticated technology users.

On the vendor side, the most prominent position was held by a table handing out disks of the release candidate of Microsoft Windows 7. Obviously, someone at Microsoft was thinking that small businesses are the perfect candidates for the company’s new operating system. This wasn’t a particularly tech-oriented crowd, but there was plenty of interest in the new operating system.

Meanwhile, tech users included The Job Shop, a local temp work operation that is using Facebook and Twitter to promote its contract positions. In today’s economy, job seekers need to move fast to grab any open positions, and social media can help make that happen.

And over at SpotMixer, small business owners crowded around to find out how to create their own video advertisements on the Web. It’s not a unique proposition, of course, but its presence at this event shows that the concept is going mainstream. by Fredric Paul”

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