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Saving Money and Growing Your Business with a Coworking Space


Phil Domenico over at Brazen Careerist has put together a list of the advantages that taking advantage of emerging “Shared Office” spaces provide. Take a look, and if you find it helpful, be sure to let us know in the comments!

The newest generation of entrepreneurs has rewritten the rules on everything from education to collaboration. There’s no conventional path to success anymore — just a combination of innovation, teamwork and elbow grease that leads to the promised land of investors and revenue. But at some point, garages and coffee shops no longer cut it as workspaces. Yet how can young professionals afford traditional offices? Taking on office space goes beyond signing a lease. There are utilities, network equipment, amenities and more logistics to consider. Playing by the traditional office rules present huge budgetary concerns, and may even feel contradictory to the entrepreneurial spirit that may have gotten you this far. Still, sometimes you just need an office. The happy medium is the emerging solution of a shared office or coworking space. The shared office provides many ways to save money over traditional office spaces while coming loaded with benefits. Whether it’s for a solo entrepreneur or a startup of young professionals, here are just a few of the ways a shared office minimizes expenses.


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