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Re-Imagining the Workweek Post COVID

This is a really fascinating article about a pair of creative types that have re-imagined their workweek in the wake of COVID so that it is more equitable and they can focus on caring for their child. I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of this kinda thing as time goes on.

Excerpt From: Domino

Since much of the world shut down in March—including child-care centers and schools—creatives have had to find new ways to live and work from home. Now parts of the country are opening up again, but it’s unlikely that office culture will snap back to “normal.” In our new series, Making It Work, couples and families share how they are getting things done (or not) at home. 

Before the coronavirus pandemic, creative director Bob Stel worked at an office; his partner, Jenny Nguyen, the creative director and executive producer at Melting Butter Studios, worked at home; and they had help with child care for their 1-year-old daughter, Jet. Now, the trio is stuck together in a two-bedroom apartment on New York City’s Lower East Side. Nguyen just launched Hello Human, a creative PR firm, and she and Stel are also collaborating on a new baby-focused venture inspired by Jet. In March the couple decided to institute a creative timetable to make sure they each could keep working on all of their projects.

One Day On, One Day Off

Out of necessity, Nguyen and Stel have fully reimagined how their week unfolds. “Monday to Friday is just this construct,” says Nguyen. Now they each work one day on, one day off, with the “off” partner focusing completely on caring for Jet. To make the arrangement as equal as possible, they extended the workweek by a day, so that each has three workdays and three child-care days. Sunday, then, is family day.


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