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Quick Read: Workplace Sunlight!

Ashley Vukovich

When thinking about the perks that your place of work brings to the table, what first comes to mind may be PTO, benefits, salary, accessibility with commute, etc. But there is another perk that is just as important as the others, but this person plays a key role for our mental health: natural exposed sunlight.

There are many benefits to having naturally exposed sunlight in your place of work. Whether that be increase of productivity, quality of sleep, or better moods, natural sunlight is a huge perk to take into consideration. Let’s get a closer look to how:

1. Sunlight increases productivity:

Exposure to natural light has been linked to higher energy and increased productivity. Employees that have natural sunlight exposure, are shown to have better quality of engagement with their tasks than those who don’t

2. Sunlight at work helps you sleep at night:

Research shows that natural light can impact the quality and duration of sleep. Studies have shown that employees who have sunlight exposure at work, tend to have better quality sleep.

3. Sunlight lightens the mood!

Natural sunlight triggers the release of the “happy hormone” serotonin which helps employees well-being around the office. Other health benefits from the sun may include lower blood pressure, strengthening of your bones, and naturally reduce anxiety.

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