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Profiling Success: Walter Hernandez


The box of cookies we send to all our successfully placed candidates.

Here at The Job Shop we work hard to place you in a great job, and it is always wonderful when we have a success story to share. The Job Shop was started with a unique concept in mind – provide our clients and our candidates with the respect that they deserve. We offer guarantees on every placement that we make, to ensure satisfaction both for our candidates and our clients, and Walter is a great example of how that benefits everyone!

Q: What is your name? A:Walter Hernandez

Q: How did you originally hear about The Job Shop? A: Craigslist

Q: Can you tell us a little about the permanent position you’ve recently been hired into? Are you excited about it? A: I’m the Resident Services Coordinator for a Senior housing apartments. I will be coordinating activities and events for the seniors. I’m very excited, I enjoy it a lot,  working with the seniors, and it makes the day pass by really quick. Being very close to home is also a huge plus. 

Q: What do you think most contributed to your success in achieving a permanent position?   A: Patience and persistence. Never reducing the quality of effort nor productivity applied to my duties just because it was a temporary assignment.

Q: Do you have any tips for readers hoping to duplicate your success? A: Remain focused on the task that has been given. Project positive energy, be flexible with duties, and build a good trustworthy relationship with your work peers, supervisors and any customer/clients you deal with on a daily basis. 

Q: What did you find most helpful about working with The Job Shop?

A: The staff here is very courteous and took the time to find out what my needs were. Understood what I was looking for in my career goals, stayed in touch throughout the process and truly had an eye on me and my employment opportunities.  

Q: What was most challenging about your job search, and how did you overcome it? A: Not getting interviews, or getting interviews but no offers. Before using the Job Shop, I would sometimes get call backs regarding how they loved my resume, some would schedule phone interview, others walk in interview, but very few would make any offers. Once the Job Shop interviewed me, I was working within a week and a half. They already had open opportunities that fit my talents which I could start right away. 

Thanks Walter, and good luck in your new position!

Have any questions about how you can achieve the same success?Make sure to leave a reply!

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