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Profiling Success: Tyler Hosac


The box of cookies we send to all our successfully placed candidates.

Here at The Job Shop we work hard to place you in a great job, and it is always wonderful when we have a success story to share. The Job Shop was started with a unique concept in mind – provide our clients and our candidates with the respect that they deserve. We offer guarantees on every placement that we make, to ensure satisfaction both for our candidates and our clients, and Walter is a great example of how that benefits everyone!

Q: What is your name? A: Tyler Hosac

Q: How did you originally hear about The Job Shop? A: Years ago a good friend referred me to The Job Shop.  Since that time The Job Shop has placed me with 2 excellent positions.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the permanent position you’ve recently been hired into? Are you excited about it? A: I was recently hired with full time employment at HOK Architects as a Project Administrator.  HOK is a World Renowned Architectural Firm with office locations throughout the Globe.  HOK’s mission is to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art.

Q: What do you think most contributed to your success in achieving a permanent position? A:  My past related work experience played a big part but also being placed in a positive work environment with friendly people.  This made it easy to be present every day and ready to work with a positive attitude.

Q: Do you have any tips for readers hoping to duplicate your success? A: Put yourself out there and try not to get discouraged.  Finding employment can be long, hard and a test of humility but persevere and outsource (to The Job Shop especially) and it will come.

Q: What did you find most helpful about working with The Job Shop? A: My experience with The Job Shop is transparency.  I always felt assured about how realistic or unrealistic my expectations should be, which is not what I have experienced from other agencies in the past.

Q: What was most challenging about your job search, and how did you overcome it? A: Most challenging for me was starting my search and where to start.  I don’t have any secret tricks to share about overcoming challenges, it was just something I had to do.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add about your experience? A: Finding the right position makes the sweat, tears and hardship of the job search totally worth it.  Don’t go at it alone, getting help from professionals like The Job Shop can make all the difference.

Have any questions about how you can achieve the same success?Make sure to leave a reply!

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