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Profiling Success: Max On Being A Successful Temp Worker


The Job Shop we work hard to place you in a great job, and it is always wonderful when we have a success story to share. The Job Shop was started with a unique concept in mind – provide our clients and our candidates with the respect that they deserve. We offer guarantees on every placement that we make, to ensure satisfaction both for our candidates and our clients. Max is a great example of how that benefits everyone, and he has some great advice on what it takes to be successful as a temp worker!

Job Shop: What is your name, and how long have you been working with The Job Shop? Max: Max. I’ve been working with The Job Shop for coming up on 2 years. 

JS: How did you originally hear about The Job Shop? M: I did a basic internet search, and it was a temp organization that looked like it offered a lot of variety.  

JS: Can you tell us a little about the position you’re currently working? How has it been going? M: I’m working front desk for a small company, and it is simply amazing. 

JS: Do you enjoy working in temporary positions, and if so, what is your favorite part about temp work? M: By their nature, temporary assignments end up being a great way to have different experiences and job aspects which, while they may not be exactly the sort of work that you might expect, are good for getting you a little out of your comfort zone. It is a great way to enrich your job experiences.  

JS: What do you think most contributes to your success as a temp employee? M: It’s hard to believe, but the basics are really what matter. Be nice, fill the gaps in the team, have a “yes, I can” attitude, and ask for direction regularly (you don’t know how it was done in the past, but you can and should ask), and try to make your position better then when you got there (add to the employee book, offer something that might help, etc.) 

JS: Do you have any tips for readers hoping to duplicate your success? M: Be nice, be pleasant, make connections, and listen. 

JS: What did you find most helpful about working with The Job Shop? M: They provide great support.

JS: Anything else you’d like to add about your experience? M: keep up the good work. 

Have any questions about how you can achieve the same success?Make sure to leave a reply!

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