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Profiling Success: Georgia B.


Here at The Job Shop we work hard to place in you in a great job, and it is always wonderful when we have a success story to share. The Job Shop was started with a unique concept in mind – provide our clients and our candidates with the respect that they deserve. We offer guarantees on every placement that we make, to ensure satisfaction both for our candidates and our clients, and Georgia is a great example of how that benefits everyone!

Q: What is your name? A: Georgia

Q: How did you originally hear about The Job Shop? A: Through a friend.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the permanent position you’ve recently been hired into? Are you excited about it? A: My position is as an office manager at a creative consultancy. It is a versatile position with lots of learning opportunities and avenues for advancement within the company. I am thrilled to be working within a company that provides education for its employees, values everyone’s opinions, and seeks to engage people on many important levels.  

Q: What do you think most contributed to your success in achieving a permanent position? A: Being diligent and open to tasks outside of the job description.

Q: Do you have any tips for readers hoping to duplicate your success? A: Be your sincere self! You are your best advocate.

Q: What did you find most helpful about working with The Job Shop? A: The Job Shop was incredible in helping me find this position. They gave me position options quickly, and were very responsive and helpful during every step of the process. They are also very nice people!

Q: What was most challenging about your job search, and how did you overcome it? A: The most challenging aspect was the uncertainty and timing between when I started the position and being offered a permanent position. I was patient and understanding, but continued to express my interest in the permanent position and company.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add about your experience? A: I have greatly enjoyed my experience with The Job Shop, and will definitely come to them first if I am ever in the market for a new position!

Congratulations on your position Georgia, and good luck in the future!

Have any questions about how you can achieve the same success?
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