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Music and Covid-19

Has Covid-19 Got You Stressed?

Let Music Put You At Ease

Author: Robin Blake

We all have music in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Music is used to influence our mood and decision making every minute of the day by TV, radio, Internet, etc. However, we can intentionally use music to calm our nerves, relieve stress, and generally make us feel better.

Because of Covid-19 many musicians are out of work due to restrictions on audiences. This includes everything from playing in clubs, orchestras, bands (including high school bands), and many other types of performing groups. However, because of stay-at-home orders, musicians now have more time than ever before to practice their art. Also, many musicians have taken the opportunity to share their music on social media, either as soloists or in collaboration with other musicians.

Maybe you have always wanted to start playing a musical instrument. Use the extra time you have to pursue this very attainable dream.

We all sing. Some of us are good at it and some of us are not. But that does not matter. Singing decreases feelings of depression and loneliness and relieves anxiety.

Some people do not have the desire to play an instrument or do not consider themselves to be musically inclined. Music is still the stress reliever they can use to help make these challenging times more enjoyable. Listening to music releases chemicals like dopamine and serotonin to your brain giving you a sense of pleasure and putting you in a better mood. Music can also be a great motivator making you want to move. This is why most exercise programs use music for exercising and dancing and walking/running. Any kind of active engagement in music can relieve stress.

If you are experiencing stress, high blood pressure, tenseness, music can be used to alleviate these symptoms. If you use music to meditate, it is recommended that you use music without lyrics and has a slower tempo (speed). In other words, if you want to relax, play relaxing music. If you want to be upbeat, play energizing music. It would be impossible to give examples here because we all react to music in different ways in different situations.

The point is that you should find out what works for you and then set aside some time each day (15-20 minutes will make a real difference in your life) to use music for what you need.

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