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Meet Your Company Goals With Employee Development


Author: Robyn Showers Source: Brazen

Flash Poll: Who here thinks that human resources has a direct impact on bottom-line company goals?

(Me! Pick me!)

I hope you raised your hand, because it’s 100% true. Hiring, training, and retaining high-achieving employees is arguably the most impactful job there is when it comes to bringing your company closer to hitting its bottom-line goals. A company is only as good as its people — and if you’re in HR, you’re in the people business. Investing in employee learning and development is crucial to building a lean, mean, goal-achieving machine.

So how do you find and nurture these all-star go(al)-getters?

Be Clear

Provide feedback during the interview and onboarding processes to prep potential and new hires for on-the-job expectations. Transparent communication at this stage of the hiring process is the key to employee retention — find the right people the first time!

Create Small Steps

66% of workers are overwhelmed by the amount of work they’re expected to do. Incremental goals set your employees up for success (and help prevent burnout).

Give Employees the Right Tools

Both engaged and disengaged employees agree that mentorship is a preferred training type. Setting up a mentorship program engages employees and helps them become better at their jobs — win-win! Make sure to look for coachability when interviewing potential candidates to create an atmosphere of mentorship from the get-go.

Foster Collaboration

Facilitating multi-directional, interdepartmental communication goes a long way towards making your employees more effective. Want to set up your own employee networking program? Read this post for tips and best practices.

Provide Feedback

Want engaged employees? It’s a two-way street! 67% of employees whose managers focused more on their strengths than their weaknesses were engaged, so make sure your management knows how to provide continual, constructive feedback.

Evaluate Success

How can employees achieve success if they don’t know what success looks like? Clearly define goals and check in often.


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