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Hump Day Treat: 5 Quick Tips for Better Productivity


Author: Ariella Coombs Source: Work It Daily

It’s hump day, which sometimes feels like the hardest day of the week to get through. Last weekend is a distant memory and next weekend is days away. Productivity can take a hit on Wednesdays, so Ariella Coombs has five quick tips for improved productivity to get you through the day.

5 Quick Tips For Better Productivity

Need some ideas for getting everything done? Here are my quick tips for better productivity:

1. Keep A Brainstorm Book

In addition to my notebook, which I use for meetings, I keep a brainstorm book. This is where I write down any ideas that come to me throughout the day. It’s full of project ideas, article topics, business ideas, and even doodles when my brain needs to take five (see tip #5).

Note: Never use your brainstorm book to make to-do lists (and vice versa!). I am a big fan of to-do lists, but your lists and meeting notes shouldn’t find their way into your BSB. This notebook is your creative place. Don’t feng up its shui.

2. Get To Work 15-30 Minutes Earlier

I am not a morning person. I repeat: NOT. However, when I do manage to roll out of my bed and awake from my peaceful slumber, I love getting to work before the rest of the staff. It’s nice to be able to come in, have my coffee, and organize myself for the day before things get crazy. It might be a little harder to do (especially on Mondays), but I’m generally more relaxed and productive when I come into a quiet office. Not to mention, all the successful people do it.

3. Keep Cool Treats On Hand

Studies show that you’re 78% more productive after indulging in a frozen treat of some sort.

Just kidding, I totally made that up. However, having a refreshing treat definitely gives me the boost I need to get everything done. So, even if it’s not scientifically proven, I totally recommend it.

(My personal favorites: Luigi’s Real Italian Ice and Hoodsie Ice Cream Cups – both are only 100 calories per treat!)


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