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How To Turn A Recent Grad Into A Star Employee!


1. Get them learning quickly

Start investing in your people quickly. At SkilledUp, we like to give every new hire an online course to help them study their core skill set. For example, when we hire new junior SEOs, we give them access to DistilledU, the best SEO course out there. Likewise, if the person is a designer, we’ll provide a subscription to Lynda and assign relevant courses.

2. Assign relevant work right away

Even while new hires are training, have them do work relevant to the coursework you’ve assigned. For instance, if a new community manager took a course on how to engage our audience on Twitter, we’d set him or her free with our corporate Twitter account to apply that learning immediately. To ensure your new hires feel their work is meaningful, link tasks to challenging, specific, and attainable goals.

3. Discuss and iterate

Set up regular meetings to discuss the work the new hire is doing with their new skills. In these meetings, our agenda covers: what’s going well; what can be improved; major roadblocks; and how to tackle them. The more technical the skill, the more dialogue there needs to be. Our engineers do this with pair programming, where a junior and senior programmer code together and talk about code all day long.


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