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How To Create An Ideal Candidate Experience


Author: Sophie Deering Source: Undercover Recruiter

The candidate experience is a crucial element of the recruitment process; without the candidates who’s going to fill all the roles? It’s therefore important that you ensure that you provide them with the support, information and communication that they require, or they are likely to look elsewhere.

There are a number of issues that can create a bad candidate experience. This infographic by Qualigence outlines what makes a bad experience, how recruiters can improve their experience and how recruiters can make the sourcing process more efficient.

What makes a bad candidate experience?

  1. Poor communication: Some of the key causes of a bad candidate experience are receiving no proper contact from a recruiter- just an automated email; receiving no confirmation email, being unable to get hold of the recruiter and not being informed when the position has been filled.

  2. A lack of organisation: A bad candidate experience can also be caused by a lack of organisation and some of the main problems are not receiving any information about the interview process and receiving no information prior to the interview.

  3. Vague job descriptions: Some other issues candidates had in the recruitment process are that the job description gives very minimal details about the role and that there is no salary or benefits information.

How can companies improve the candidate experience?

  1. 34% of candidates think improved communication could improve their candidate experience.

  2. 14% would like more human contact. 

  3. 28% would like to be notified when they have been passed over for a job.

What are the main sourcing issues that recruiters face?

  1. 54% of recruiters feel that the hiring manager’s have unrealistic expectancies about the time it will take to find candidates for hard-to-fill roles.

  2. To meet a hiring manager’s demand, some recruiters admit that they will hand over a pile of resumes regardless of whether the candidates are suitable for the role. 


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