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How to Build Relationships That Lead to Dream Jobs


Most people who network with the end goal of getting hired tell everyone they know that they’re looking for a job.

They anxiously ask, “Have you heard of anything?” The usual answer is, “No, but if I hear of something, I’ll contact you.”

End of conversation. Dead end.

Asking for job opportunities scares away your network

When you ask about potential opportunities outright, six bad things happen that make your job search less likely to be successful:

  1. You fail to create or deepen a friendship. Friendship is crucial for a good networking search, and can be developed rapidly — especially if you authentically and generously give back to people you encounter.

  2. You fail to have long, rumor-filled conversations.

  3. You fail to learn about places that are busy, active and growing; meaning there’s work there, so they may be hiring.

  4. You fail to learn about places that have a good reputation and engaged, happy employees

  5. You fail to develop trust. Trust is crucial for a good networking search.

  6. To make matters worse, now that you have asked your contact to help you find a job, that person is not as likely to be friendly toward you. People — even really nice people — won’t help you find a job. And they feel guilty about that. The next time you contact them, you’ll get “the leper effect”: crickets and avoidance.

If you use the “J” word too soon in your job search, you’ll limit your chances to brainstorm and develop relationships. Instead, go on a job quest.

Your job quest will involve building in-person relationships and establishing trust quickly.

Here’s how to make meaningful progress without scaring away your network.

Prepare for your job quest

  1. Decide on your goal. What realm of work are you trying to get into? Narrow down your industry or career path…


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