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How to Build and Nurture Talent Communities

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” — Isaac Newton

Which would you rather be treated as: an anonymous applicant or a real, human person?

Go ahead and think it over. This blog post isn’t going anywhere.

Didn’t need to give that much thought, huh? Nobody wants to be reduced to a target audience, a demographic, or a list of their accomplishments. Top candidates want to connect with your company on a one-on-one basis. How can you facilitate this kind of high-touch candidate experience in a scalable way?

Bridge the gap between you and your candidates with these three strategies to nurture talent communities:

Soften the Ask

The abandonment rates for online job applications are staggering. CareerBuilder estimates that 60% of candidates abandon online applications before completing them; a recent AppCast white paper put this closer to 90%. Face it — job applications are a terrible way to begin a relationship. Starting with something softer can help you make contact earlier in the candidate journey, increasing your chances of getting them in the door when application time comes.

One foolproof strategy? Change the call to action. Try offering candidates a conversation rather than a job application. Help them connect to your culture through social media, culture content, and even live, online events. Here at Brazen, we’ve found that candidates are twice as likely to attend an online event than apply for a job online. (Need inspiration? Try these 8 Networking Event Ideas.)

Prioritize the Candidate Experience

According to The Talent Board, 92% of candidates never get called back after applying for a job. After painstakingly filling out an application, most of theses candidates never receive any further contact than an automated receipt. Of the candidates who did make it to the interview process, only one in five reported receiving a quality final communication. Not exactly a positive experience!

This is a problem for several reason. For one, candidates who enjoy their interactions with a potential employer are much more likely to advocate for your employer brand. With 78.6% of job applicants making the decision to apply based on what they find in their personal research, you need to make the most of every opportunity for a favorable Glassdoor review.

Equally important — candidates who have a good experience are more likely to reapply at a later date.

Which brings us to our last tip…


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