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How to Ace a Skype Interview


The world is more connected today than it’s ever been. Thanks to travel and technology, you can patch into almost anyone, anywhere at any time. Increasing global mobility is changing the jobs market, too. The interview process isn’t always the traditional face-to-face method anymore.

What does this mean? Well, mastering the art of the question / answer meeting is not enough anymore, oh no. Now there’s a high chance you’ll have to come to terms with video and phone interviews, which come with their own set of unwritten rules and keys to success.

The Skype interview in particular has become a standard for HR departments, though the conventions might seem alien to those who’ve only ever had in-person meetings, or perhaps none at all! Fear not, as Viking has put together the below infographic to guide you on formalities of the Skype interview, and tips to help you ace it.

Check your time zones!

If you’re on a Skye interview, chances are you’re also in a different time zone. Even different states of the same country will have different timezones, so don’t shoot yourself i the foot by failing to turn up on time, or getting on the call way too early. Triple check you know where they’re based.

Make sure your profile name is professional

I’m going to go right ahead and say it: Sexy_Sharon_69 is not an acceptable name. Shock! Horror!

Who’s calling who? Avoid confusion and decide beforehand

If I had a dollar for the amount of times calls are set up, with each party assuming the other is calling them, I’d be a very rich lady. The result? Ten minutes goes by, until there’s an awkward email exchange along the lines of, “Hi, are you still calling in?” followed by a, “No, I thought you were calling us?”

Have prompters close by

Keep your application documents and Post-it Notes in front of you. The great thing about Skype calls is you can have resources near you, to act as prompters when they ask you tough questions. Just make sure they can’t see them, and you don’t break your neck to look at them when you feel nervous and on-the-spot.


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