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Holiday Job Search To Do List

Author: Michelle Mamerto

  • Define your job goals:

    • What are your salary requirements?

    • What type of company culture are you looking for?

    • What type of benefits would you like your future employer to offer?

    • Are there specific values that matter to you, that you would like your next employer to also value, such as inclusiveness, giving back to the community, diversity, etc.?

    • Do you want to work from home or would you prefer to work onsite? How much are you willing to commute?

  • Redo your resume/portfolio.

  • Learn new software, or brush up on software you haven’t used in awhile.

  • Make a list of prospective employers. Go online and do your research on the company.

  • Practice your elevator speech! If you don’t have an elevator speech, this is a good time to write one.

  • Do mock interviews with friends and ask for their feedback.

  • Clean up all your social media accounts.

  • Take advantage of holiday sales to update your work/interview wardrobe.

  • Do some temp work. You never know what opportunities might come up and what skills you may learn!

  • Get your references in order.

  • Draft emails and thank you notes to potential employers.

  • Take advantage of online or in-person networking opportunities!

  • Volunteer! You might learn new skills and you would be giving back at the same time.

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