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Hiring a Resume Writer? Check for These 3 Things


You’ve finally decided it’s time to hire a professional resume writer to rev up your job search. Good thinking. Now, only one question remains: how do you choose the best person for the job?

To answer this let’s take a look at the three main factors you should consider when searching for your professional resume writer. Match all three and you know you’re going to have a killer resume that’ll get you noticed and land you more interviews.

1. Credentials

Because the Internet has paved the way for anybody to claim to be anything, the first thing you want to check for is a person’s credentials, said Alex Twersky, career expert and professional resume writer.

Twersky says to start by asking if they are affiliated with a reputable organization and how much experience they have.

“There is no reliable third-party certification in the resume writing business,” said Twersky. “So it all comes down to experience, affiliation and most importantly, track record.”

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2. Past Client Success

Next, so you know you’re hiring a resume writer who can actually get the job done, you want to make sure their work shows returns. Start by checking out their site to see if they’ve posted client testimonials, recommends Twersky.

“It’s also not inappropriate to ask them for references, or check out their professional LinkedIn or Facebook pages (if they are tech savvy enough to have these) to see what kinds of blurbs people are posting about them,” Twersky advised.


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