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Get to Know Your Colleagues to Make More Money


Savvy salespeople know that their current customers are their best source of future sales and their best way to make more money.

Do you manage your career the same way? Do you look at your current employer as your best way to make more money? Do you network inside your company? Or do you regard networking as something that you will only do if you lose your job?

The Research — How to Make More Money & Find Career Happiness

2009 research findings from Hans-Georg Wolff and Klaus Moser at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg indicate that you will benefit from networking within your company while you are employed.

They found that internal networking benefits:

  1. Current salary.

  2. Salary growth over time.

  3. Career satisfaction.

Internal networking activities that they studied included:

  1. Using company events to make new contacts.

  2. Talking with colleagues from other departments about their work.

  3. Asking colleagues for advice.

  4. Accepting invitations to functions and festivities.

  5. Asking colleagues to give your regards to others.

  6. Exchanging professional hints and tips with others.


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