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Get Organized!

Author: Tammy Doss

When I think of organization it usually means cleaning out my drawers and closets. However, there are many ways to organize. Think of the bigger picture and consider the effect that this can have on your personal life. It’s a great time to take stock of what is important to you and what will bring you great satisfaction by freeing yourself of clutter and putting your things in order.

Documents and Taxes

There is no better time than the present to set up a small filing system that incorporates copies of your paystubs, tax documents, and necessary travel documents.

1. Paystubs - You will want to keep these in case you have an unemployment claim at some point in your career. They provide the pay date and week you worked along with your total wages. All of these items will be needed to complete the unemployment application.

Your paystub will also show your year to date wage totals and at the end of the year should match your W-2 document from your employer.

2. Tax Documents – Your social security card, W-4, DE4, and I-9 forms are items that are important for employment and they can also be helpful for an easy “at a glance” reminder of your choice of withholding deductions from your paycheck. Keeping copies of your year-end W-2’s for future reference in this file would also be recommended along with your tax returns.

3. Travel Documents – A passport allows you to travel from one country to another and can also be used for domestic travel as a form of identification. In California we also have something called a Real I.D. which is a relatively new form of identification required for some travel and can be obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles.


This one can actually be fun. I recently went through all of my cell phone contacts and was reminded of many friends, acquaintances, former co-workers, family, and cousins that have moved away as well as, of course, business contacts. I was also reminded that I haven’t been in touch with some of these people in quite some time and that I should check-in and see what is new and exciting in their lives. Things to consider.

1. Don’t try to do it all in one day! Take two or three letters of the alphabet a day and connect with those people and you won’t be in a hurry or overwhelmed by trying to race through them all.

2. Pick up the phone and say “Hello” and open the lines of communication if you have not spoken to this person recently. At this point you can confirm their phone numbers, address changes, and other data you have stored in your contact file and enjoy the conversation.

3. Once you have reconnected it may open doors you never believed possible. Employment opportunities, social activities, business deals, and personal relationships that you have been missing out on.

Closets and Drawers

It pretty much does come back to closets and drawers if you really want to be organized. When you do get to this point I have a way of feeling good about it and you can too. Most of us have too much stuff! Clothes, shoes, linens, towels, socks, kitchen gadgets etc. An old saying is “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure”. Giving back makes you feel good too. So, donate it!

1. Almost all of your unused items can be donated to a domestic violence shelter, homeless organization, or Goodwill. Somebody needs those items and will be grateful for them.

2. If you haven’t worn it or used it in six months donate it. The corporate suit you no longer wear will be a generous donation for someone who needs employment or is going on an important interview.

3. The small kitchen gadgets, appliances, towels, and sheets are essential for people just starting out with their first apartments.

Good luck with your organization projects. It will set you and your space free!

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