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Find Purpose

Author: Michelle Mamerto

Feeling a sense of purpose in your work is something that benefits both employers and employees. Studies show that employees who place importance in meaningful work are more likely to be promoted and be placed in leadership roles. Other benefits to having a sense of purpose at work can include:

  • A sense of connection and a feeling of community with co-workers

  • A feeling that work is important and contributes to society Greater satisfaction in life

  • Greater psychological well-being

  • Less anxiety

Here are a few ways to find purpose in your work:

Pay attention to your values and make them count.

If you value connection, sharing and communicating with others at work might help you feel connected. If you value giving, try looking for ways to give; maybe organize a toy or food drive. If learning is important to you, maybe look for free online classes that teach useful skills that you can use at work, or maybe you can lend your expertise and volunteer at a local school. If you value fun, see if you can organize an outside the office event with co-workers. If there is a group at work that organizes social events, maybe you can join.

Develop your passions.

Once you have considered your values, you can identify ways to develop new skills that will help in your professional growth. Learning new technical, negotiation, leadership or communication skills, may help to increase your interest, creativity and engagement in your work. It can make work feel more meaningful.

Shift the way you look at things.

Focus on feeling connected to something that is bigger than yourself and know that your work matters. Think about how your work affects other people and what it does for the greater good. For example: If you work as a concierge, you are delivering positivity, assistance and kindness to those who might need it. If you are a personal trainer, you are helping people become healthier versions of themselves, thus affecting their entire work day, their overall health, relationships with others, as well as the energy they are able to put forth to contribute to society.

Finding purpose in your work is not always easy, but it has its rewards. With finding and developing meaning in the thing we spend most of our lives doing- working, it’s easier to find satisfaction in life, opportunities for advancement and improved balance in life.

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