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Feel Invincible with these Habits!

Excerpt From:

How many days have you felt like this?

You toss and turn all night. Wake up groggy. Curse at the alarm.

You stumble through a morning fog. You’re drowsy, even after two cups of coffee. You stare at the computer screen feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. You get sucked into Email Hell. You spend the rest of the day bouncing between interruptions and distractions.

You finish the day knowing you’ve accomplished nothing.

You’re frustrated. You want to accomplish so much. Launch a business. Travel. You have a vision for your life. But days, weeks, months tick by without progress.

You’ve chastised yourself to “work harder.” You’ve given yourself pep talks. And yet … yet … you can’t break the cycle.

Sound familiar?

Let’s fix it.

First, let’s identify a few common problems:

You’re sleep-deprived. You’re not exercising. You eat junk.

Your mornings suck. Afternoons are worse. You bounce from task-to-task. By evening you’re exhausted, but you’re not sure how you spent your day.

“Okay, okay, stop making me feel bad. What’s the solution?”

You hold the answer.

You’ve developed habits — hundreds of habits, which you repeat daily. You brush your teeth, tie your shoelaces, and wear clean underwear out of sheer habit. You don’t give yourself pep talks.

If you want to move closer to your goals, forget motivation. Forget willpower. Focus on building strong habits.

I’d like to share some of my favorite habits and tools that improve my focus, energy, and output. When I stick to these, I get results. When I don’t, I work harder but accomplish less.

I’ve organized this article into three sections:

  • How to create energized mornings

  • How to stay focused all-day

  • How to sleep deeply and wake up refreshed

As always, take what works, tweak as needed, and ignore the rest. If something doesn’t fit into your life/work, skip it, and move on.

If you’d like a PDF of these habits to print or save to your computer, you can download one for free below.

Make Mornings Awesome 

Here are six ways that I energize my morning.

#1: Drink a Pint of Water

Your body dehydrates while you sleep. (Do you pee yellow in the morning?) As a result, you’re less focused in the morning.

I drink a pint of water (16 oz.) the moment I wake up. I’ll squeeze a lemon into the water (this helps) for an extra kick.

I turned this into a habit by associating it with an existing habit. You could do the same. Find a trigger; an action you perform every morning. Here are a few choices:

  • Before you brush your teeth

  • Before your morning coffee

  • Before you wear shoes

Immediately follow one habit with the other. Your mind will bundle these together as the same action.


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