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Don’t Let Your Motivation Die!


Motivation can be a tricky thing, which is why the Huffington Post asked Gaston Gote from what the biggest killers of motivation are, and how to combat them.

1. Believing that you have to be perfect puts on a lot of pressure and creates disappointment in your performance, no matter how well you perform. Nobody likes to fail and  sometimes we avoid doing the things that make us feel bad about ourselves.

2. Comparing yourself to others is a real time waster and creates procrastination. You would be surprised that the “better” people  don’t have it as good as you thought. Instead find out what their secret to success is. By surrounding yourself with successful people, you’ll give yourself a greater chance of success yourself. It rubs off on you.

3. Not believing in yourself. Success is not a single grand event happening once and for which everything else becomes unimportant. Success is a succession of persistent good results in different areas of life. Look at the global, the end game, but also enjoy the journey and the view. For me, success is being happy about myself.

4. Having too much on your plate. Focus keeps you motivated and purposeful. Multitasking is stressful and is very rarely fulfilling. Choose wisely your priorities, and do not allow others to invade and take control. Learn to say no, peacefully and firmly.

5. Not having any goals. Find out what it is that you can contribute to others, what it is that you are good at and have fun in doing. (Read #4) You will get recognition and appreciation but please, do it for your own enjoyment, not for the praise. It will last much, much longer.

6. Celebrate! Reward yourself and treat yourself with respect (i.e., the way you want others to respect you). Nothing needs to be expensive. A candy or a phone call to a loved one will do. Anything that is pleasurable to you. A good self tap on the shoulder will go a long way.


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