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Don’t Find Your Calling, Create It

Author: Christopher D. Conners Source: The Ladders

Several years ago, at the start of my consulting career, I had a manager who wanted to open me up to countless opportunities and possibilities. She cared for my development and knew that I needed exposure to all kinds of work. She told me that it would be best for me to, “sample from the buffet,” rather than to become a specialist in a given area.

As I grew in my career, I remember turning back to her and thanking her for guiding me in the direction she did. But it was the words she said next that I really remembered:

“Now that you’ve grown and gotten started, don’t be concerned with finding your calling. Create the career you want.”

This is a critically important mental shift that every successful entrepreneur, creative, businesswoman, and leader must make in their career and life. Focus on creating the life that you want. You have the tools that you need at your disposal. It takes willpower, imagination, and desire. You must be willing to be a lifelong learner. Your education starts today.

How to Start Creating Your Life

The only journey is the journey within.— Rainer Maria Rilke

It’s critical for us to break down creating our self by the five popular questions:

Why, How, What, When and Who. This beginning work gives us clarity and definition. Surely, you’re familiar with the Why part. But let’s take a closer look at the other questions to help us determine our course.

How? — How are you looking to grow? Which methods and ways will you follow for creating the life that you want? If you desire to get into television or digital video, then you likely already know your medium. You can purchase a camera, begin starring in your own videos, or producing them for others. You don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to get started.

You can start creating now.

How should focus on the process. It should focus on the “vehicles” that you will use to take you where you want to go.

When? — What are you putting off today that you can get started on? The When question is all about timing. If you have a very busy life and schedule now, maybe you don’t have the time for a creative endeavor. So, look at your schedule and identify when you will. If you know you’re making excuses, then snap out of it and start coming up with solutions. What’s your excuse?

Chances are, you do have the time. You simply haven’t chosen to prioritize. Once you make time for beginning a new venture or creating a new image for yourself, you’ll realize the boldness of this power and the creative juices will start flowing.

Who? — Which part of you are you looking to grow? You may have the physical part of things down, but emotionally you could benefit from boosting your emotional intelligence. Or perhaps you’re looking to become a better writer. Maybe you want to read more books. Who are you now, and who do you want to become?

What? — The what is about visualization. There’s a reason that visualization is so important. Because it puts us at the finish line. It enables us to see the end-result, so we can get really great at reverse-engineering and crushing it on executing the process. Focus on one thing. It will help you get started faster and with greater clarity.

Why? — Why are we looking to grow? What is the purpose? We may have more than one purpose. But it should be something that amounts to a true “Why” for living. Before we commit ourselves to expend our most precious resource (time) we should always know why we’re doing what we’re doing. The Why question is imperative to answer.

Knowing your Why will dramatically reduce wasted time and unnecessary effort. It will move you much faster toward your goals.


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