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Dealing With Withholding Orders

Author: Tammy Doss

These past two years have been worrisome with having some income or none, working or not working, a paycheck or not, unemployment payments or no and simply trying to get by. You are not alone. This has been a very trying time and these are some things to seriously think about.

Don’t feel alone as many are in the same boat! Lots of people have had the same issues with reduced hours, lay offs or terminations. It’s now time to get out and get a real job! One you not only like but fits You personally. The Job Shop prides itself on finding the right fit with Candidates and our Clients.

Now is the time to call The Job Shop and get yourself back in the game. 1-415-227-8610. You will find a friendly voice at the Beginning and End of the call. Our staff is incredible and will invite you to join the work force again. We will be delighted to have your “Job Skills” incorporated into our “Working Opportunities”.

But I digress… - I was going to discuss Withholding Orders and Child Support Orders. Well… when you are working and can contribute to both your own pocketbook and comply with the pending orders it is a complete positive for all involved. Employment allows you to take care of your responsibilities and help those on the other end of the orders and to also resolve old tax issues.

Think of it as a positively positive way to start your new year. 2022 is going to be great one for everyone. Wishing you a fantastic 2022 and hoping you find your dream job.

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